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  1. Great to Hear love There Aircraft Keep Us Posted !!
  2. Can u send me Details of this Flying club with the Champion Please Buddy ? Thanks
  3. Thanks mate only going on what I see on their web site & their Demo Videos ....... looks good to me!
  4. :smile:Hey Pud, Check out N Flight.cams.com its a USA Company Guy that makes aviation related Cams mate........ he has a cam that takes a special lense that completly elimates the Prob Blur all together...........Looks like a good Product thinking of getting one myself....... Cheers John H.
  5. I'm also interested in this Engine as well. It seems like a great alternative to the Rotax & Jabiru engines with its FADEC engine controls for both Power & Fuel economy. Its very popular in Europe but poorly promoted in USA although a new distributor there may make some inroads as a few light Aircraft builders are now installing & testing them...Pity they don't have an agency in Oz.! I'd love to put one in a RV-12 one day!
  6. Some of you Guys may be Interested in Building an RV-12 Kit plane ...sounds like a real nicely peforming Rotax 912 powered Aircraft. Good perfomance Nice Specs with a good Dynon Panel and reasonably cheap to Build & Fly..! :thumb_up:
  7. Phone Hey Gibbo how did the phone GPS thingy work?
  8. Training Hi Nev I think I have seen you out training in KEP hope is going OK Im one of the hanger crew you see on Wens/ & Thurs nights .... keep at it mate..
  9. Chopper pilot That Chopper pilot sure was a twit!
  10. Champ :big_grin:Thanks Maj you ever get up this way again give us a bell.........yeah went in a Lightwing many ( kgs ) years ago was impressed too .! benn in touch with the Boonah school so may have to make a trip south one day after the kgs peel off..!!! LOL Only heard good about it so far well build nicely finished etc. Instructor said the Ailerons a bit heavy but otherwize spot on! Well keep the air under U there bud later & many thanks! Splitty ;)
  11. Champ Aircraft Hi Maj I hope U find a suitable Champ too mate.!! I learnt too fly in the tandem seat Champion 7EC nearly 50 years ago & had a great time flying virtually all around NZ in it.!! Great little Aeroplane for sure..! theses days Im looking towards the Savage Cub Cruiser which looks very simular too old ZK-BUU of years ago .!! I belive I have found a club with one at Boonah QLD so will check it out ..........Keep us posted of developments there .!!
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