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  1. Mmmmm, progress is a strange thing. Chas
  2. Well there is film from year's ago doing aerobatics on tow. Even swapping aircraft in flight. No wonder they pulled a wing off a Blanik. Chas
  3. Great stuff. My Jodel would probably run on it 100 per cent as it will run on vegy, sump oil, or bio as well as diesel or jet a. The engine was new in 1997. Chas. ZK- CCD
  4. I could never understand why they wont work together like automotive cards. That is your card will work on all pumps but discount only on named card. Chas
  5. I flew a Saltoo many years ago. Got my silver c in it. My x/cty was all done in rotor and I contacted the wave above my destination. The same salto had an interesting landing with a broken canopy and the pilots glasses missing. No damage but grass stains on top of the wings. Work that out. A very tough little bird. Chas
  6. Three nz pilots a few years back did 1028 kms together. Great effort. My power planes always head for a ridge or wave. Chas
  7. TE="spacesailor, post: 594935, member: 6426"]Hi Diesel Had a quick look for Western hemlock (Tsuga heterophylla), But alas nothing stocked. Were do you buy your stoke from?. as it's north American. spacesailor Occasionally building suppliers bring it into nz. Both for ladders or house finishing. Beautifull to work with. Mine has 22 growth rings per inch. Stonger than spruce and lighter than oregon. Chas
  8. The modern disposable world does not know what good wood is. After the Christchurch earthquakes truckloads went down gullies. Nobody allowed near. Canadian Oregon. There are several species listed from war emergency. Western Hemlock also from British Columbia is excellent at a small fraction of the cost. Often sold as ladder grade. Chas
  9. Try doing that in the gliders in your pic. Elevators control speed. Always did. To go down fast just pull them hard back. Chas
  10. Oooh. Dont like that way. Who taught the instructor. No wonder people avoid them. Chas
  11. They like their pressure recovery spats. Ok on seal usually. Bigger mains and older style spat for me. But those nosewheels scare me. Like a stick insect. Chas
  12. True Frank. I will just keep my nosewheel down the back. Mine is low wing but a solid full turtle deck as mentioned. Plus a full bulkhead behind me. Bubble canopies scare me. Quite a number of nosewheel vans have had this experience. Is it pilot error or design. Vans do produce an excellent kit. You find one you like and pay your money. Then when finished take your chances? As mentioned a good roll over structure is not unnecessary weight. Also mentioned that most likely the tail could have been lifted. A length of pipe under it with two men on each side would
  13. Have a look at a recent product called oratex. Now on certified airframes. Very light and strong. That is you can jump on the frame and not go through. Very suitable for micros. Some of the older guys with heavy lady passengers in the DH Domine could have done with it. Chas
  14. This I do not know. The owner is quite a private person trying to do it right. When I opened the posting I was looking for experience with you guys so I could pass on. Chas midnight here so happy new year.
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