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  1. Time Left: 24 days and 2 hours

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    About 50% Completed. Plenty of work required. Lots of expensive parts and factory kits. Full set of plans. Offers around $5K. Toowoomba. Thanks


  2. One of these guys travels in a bullet proof train, as he can't find spare parts for his elderly aircraft. His buddy is in denial, and has a loose wheel connecting his hairpiece to his neck. I sometimes miss my Cadillac Eldorado, but a Lycoming 720 would be even awesomer if properly attached to a fast airframe.
  3. These guys will fix all the problems with their new rabid dog missile technology. Qatari PM - Shake Yourbanana has admitted that the airport has been run by primates for donkeys years, and has contracted GI Joe and his nephew Thugsly to terminate the monkey business. Yourbanana also welcomed the upcoming class action from Australian firm Parasite Legal Outreach, while announcing an increase in GST on in air purchases to fund the PLO settlement.
  4. Meanwhile, a late night parliamentary discussion was convened to investigate the behaviour of the Qatari airport manager Randy Chimpski. Chimpski was not available for comment and has taken refuge in his tree where he is studying the rudimentary aspects of administering a DNA test and enjoying his banana.
  5. They should just move their flying school to that farmers field, as it is much flatter than the runway at Gympie aerodrome. And if the bloke with the beard could shave it off and stick the hair on top of his head before the next episode, the flying wild Alaska fans might have something to watch. Good landing.
  6. Or...If you need more space get one of these.
  7. The interior space is much smaller than a Jab, with less visibility. They look fast, but it's not a Mooney. Still a cool little plane with a reasonable 120kt cruise. I only noticed one bolt holding the wing on - hope it was titanium, or unobtanium. The Monostack variant is for test pilots who enjoy aircraft repair as a hobby.
  8. 914 has a good reputation and makes more power at altitude so should result in good cruise and climb performance, especially with mppc. Jab is a solid airframe, so the combo sounds good. If the aircraft in question is the one advertised in Qld, there are two flying clubs nearby, so you may be able to have an independent test flight done before making offers, travelling etc.
  9. I would ride the dog home myself, but it's a bit far.
  10. G'day. Any pilot in Townsville available to fly a medium/large ? to Kingaroy ?? Woof. The dog will pay for the return fuel and also is available to eat your lunch. Bathroom breaks by negotiation with the canine. Please Send PM if interested. Thanks
  11. Swiss guy. That sounds cool - flying through the Alps. That would be fun. You need to get a decent plane with lots of power due to wind - mountain waves and downdrafts. Having previously lived in Canada for years, I've seen some wild and cold weather like you have. A bit of weight and strength might not hurt either - I'm thinking about something a lot stronger than a Foxsplat - probably an experimental Supercub with about 250 plus horsepower or a Glasair Sportsman etc. The Jabiru airframe are pretty strong, but I'd want lots more than 120hp to get out of a glacier if the wind started howling -
  12. I agree that the test pilot for an increase in VNE should have 10,000 hours. My main concern was the potential marketing of an unproven quantity to less skilled pilots who could end up beyond Va or Vno with limited options at high velocity where egress from the cockpit would be preferable to airframe failure. Hopefully you can improve upon the statistics of Lancair and similar fast E-AB through exhaustive testing and pilot training.
  13. Hopefully everyone involved is smart enough not to push the safety envelope to the point where this occurs : "DURING an air race in South Africa. An airplane was descending toward a turn point in a valley when the pilot of a following airplane saw what appeared to be paper scattering behind it. An instant later, a shattered wing separated from the fuselage, falling to earth a hundred yards from the main wreckage. The airplane was a Czech-built Aveko VL-3 Sprint, an NTCA (non-type-certificated aircraft) that bills itself as the WORLDS' FASTEST ULTRALIGHT." Stay Alive - by flying an aircra
  14. Is an ejector seat available for the new temporary Australian model with the turbo so we can parachute to safety when our 250 mph LSA decides that our VNE has exceeded our IQ ?
  15. Any STOL planes for sale in Qld at the moment...I would expect this to be gone or in need of serious help by now ?! Thanks.
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