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  1. Hi Alex, if you get to Bendigo Victoria, the best part of this southern land, look me up. Just had a couple of Albertans for a visit, I do enjoy landing on skis in your neck of the woods.
  2. You have a great location to fly in, welcome.
  3. You might try a dynamic prop balance also put nose con on a flat surface and see which way it rolls it will roll to heavy side, out of balance.
  4. Good one Nev, you have hit the nail squarely on the head, again. I like to fly low cost and without the BS.
  5. On the VG it had long range tanks, 4 taps. I would dip tanks then workout my fuel burn time. Take off on inboard tanks, if you have full fuel capacity,run the inside tanks down a bit to allow for return fuel in right hand tank, then feed off a left or right out board tank till the reserve red light came on,then switch over. I always landed with both inside tanks on. Do your fuel calcs and you will know when the reserve light is due to come on. Hope this helps you.
  6. Gday to you Cherk,thanks for the info,sounds like the ticket.
  7. I am looking for a strip close to Burra South Australia, flying my Savannah S over to visit friends for a few days in the near future. David
  8. Welcome Denis, hope we can catch up in YBDG.
  9. Gday Travis, if you ever get to central Victoria, I would be happy to give you a fly in my Savannah VG, just did a trip up Camerons Corner way, great with long range tanks and 100 hp rotax. These are ideal x country aircraft with many features. I have just brought an S so will be selling on my VG only done 100 hours, turn the key and go.
  10. What a great idea, just back from a trip to the Strzelecki desert area. Handy to have local detail, no matter where you may fly.
  11. Thank you eightynots, plenty of info to be had here!
  12. Thanks IBob, look forward to your build progress.
  13. Yes dark blue, silver wings. Would like to add another colour to the fuselage, down the track?
  14. No, the wings are good, just that the wing ends taper in, optical illusion. That made me take a look at my photo!
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