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  1. oops. The Flickr URL in my post was an attempt to embed another image from the 70's. It can be cut and pasted into your browser.
  2. http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5085/5234815332_704b0485c9.jpg In 1981, before Yulara (AYQ) airport was commissioned in 1985, the Ayres Rock strip was adjacent to the Rock. On google maps satellite view, it is still visible about 600m to the NE. I was there with a C182 in August 1981, it was quite busy, traffic control was see and be seen, although circuit direction and height around the Rock and to and from the Olgas was specified but often ignored. The terminal facilities were non existent.
  3. Sorry, I can't recall the depth the lens was embedded, I just cut and peeled the plastic tub away, using a dremel.
  4. I dissected a failed one from my J230D. The LEDs were OK, if you could just get the potting compound off the electronics........
  5. Sorry about the  foot in my mouth. What I intended to say was that if the reset doesn't work, the only option left is to have a tech look at it.
  6. There is a cpu reset to try first. Press and hold the monitor button AND hold the PTT button down while turning the unit on. After that you'll need a radio tech. I have a copy of the service manual if you need it.
  7. Browse http://www.aeroelectric.com/articles/ for ideas, work-arounds and conventions. Buy the real crimp on terminals (AMP are generally available here) and avoid consumer grade stuff. Tefzel wiring is lighter and more heat resistant, usually rated at 600V. There are colours available in the smaller gauges for instrument work. Use a central earthing busbar behind the instrument panel. Jaycar have affordable crimpers. Max.
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