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  1. No. I am sorry but that is incorrect. The actual checklist is titled, “Engine Fire, Severe Damage, or Separation Non Normal Checklist”. The checklist has a number of recall items at the beginning and a number of reference items later in the list. There are no allowances for different configurations of damage for performance. There are some Non Normal Checklists that do impose some performance consideration (eg, some Hydraulic failure configurations). It makes little or no difference on a high bypass fan engine whether the fan is turning or not to the performance capability o
  2. All modern twin engined Boeing jets have the capability of a single engine go around from at least a CATII minima (100’). I am not sure about early series B737. The B767 ( of which I was very familiar), could execute a single engine go around off a CATIIIA minima, 20’, where the aeroplane actually touches down and then takes off again. The B777 and B787 would not have quite the single engine performance of a B767, but they would have more advanced capability in terms of what they are actually certified for. I don’t actually know, but probably CATIIIC. There is no commit point for any
  3. >16,500 hrs B747-400, B747-200,300,SP. B767, B737, CMD INST, Aerobatics, TW, CS, Retractable, Ag Rating, Hull 140k. 5 mill liability No claims, no accidents, no incidents
  4. I was presented with an email this afternoon advising me that my aircraft hull and public liability insurance policy was due and that the new premium was a 24% increase over last years for exactly the same coverage and excess. Given the lockdowns and restrictions have affected my use, I have paid out $168/flying hour. The same usage over the next 12 months would equate to an hourly rate of $210 for insurance. Time for a rethink methinks.
  5. For home builders welding 1/8” or less, you can be confident in air cooling for 4130. https://www.millerwelds.com/resources/article-library/best-practices-for-tig-welding-of-4130-chrome-moly-tubing-in-general-motorsports-and-aerospace-applications
  6. The real question is whether or not compliance with a CASA issued safety notice is obligatory or simply recommended. The document provides ample amounts of ambiguity. Either way a disaster for owners and the importer. Who in their right mind would buy one with this blot on the copybook?
  7. I believe it was the Nat’s own John Anderson who ceded all responsibility from the Feds to the local councils for nearly all Australian regional and rural airports in order to save the Feds from the running costs.
  8. In answer to my own question - 12 working days.
  9. Lodged all paperwork by email as instructed by helpful lady at Ra Aus 28/9/2018. Confirmed by phone on the 5/10 that paperwork was indeed lodged on 28/9. Still no permit. How long does this usually take?
  10. Perhaps this might explain some of the mystery of weather delays for Sydney when the wind is blowing from the West and the sky is clear: The use of Runway 25 significantly reduces Sydney airport capacity. The airport, in this configuration, has only one runway operational - not the usual parallel runway ops on 16LR and 34LR. Because of the layout of the airport, processing RWY 25 ops are further hampered by the fact that the terminals are to the North of the runway and traffic vacating to the left must now cross the active runway to access them. Traffic vacating 25 to the right have
  11. Hello frustrated Jetstar passengers, try this: Rich Wisken Writes: Dear Jetstar... It will help pass the time while you wait!
  12. Hello Joerow. I recently retired from an airline career due medical. Went through same musings as yours. RA certificate fine by me. Started aerial mustering in 1981, bush flying till 1987. Joined QF 1988. Spent rest of aviation lifetime in CTA, cloud and back of clock flying. Very grateful to be able to return to beginnings. Re your aircraft musings, mine were similar and I decided on the Hornet.
  13. The aircraft is a Jetstar A320. Check the letterhead at around 1.48 - 1.50. Having said that, the baggage staff may well have been legitimately searching for something and do appear to be referring to letterheaded paperwork. Such things could be medication or travel documents that were inadvertently packed by the passenger and not kept out for transit. Medications are often packed and not deemed necessary by pax until the aircraft becomes delayed. I find it hard to believe that petty pilfering would have been filmed. Thieves tend be smarter than the average bear in my experience.
  14. So does all that mean that retract, >120mph, factory build is 24? ie Alpi, Bristell RG etc.
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