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  1. Hi Bob, It looks really professional. I am sure they will be comfortable.
  2. Hi Ultralights, I happen to see your youtube clip and saw the 2 ipad set up. Could you give us some details as to what runs these ipads so nicely?
  3. Elegant is definitely my choice. It has a clean, crisp look.
  4. This is the Macdonalds' DC3 in Taupo, New Zealand. Hamburger eaters and/or coffee drinkers can use the seats inside.
  5. It sounds good. If improvements like this makes a good plane better or longer lasting, I would be interested in a complete set of bushes too.
  6. Bob, I will PM tonight. Perhaps we can get multiple sets made at once?
  7. I hear that the weather in Europe is really hot. A good time to test the cooling!!
  8. Hi Karl, I am happy to get an update on your Viking 130 and glad to hear that the performance is really good. Some Savannah owners on this forum thought that the weight on the nose wheel may have been too heavy. You wrote that your landings had "predictable results". I was wondering how the Savannah/Viking 130 combination handles if (as people think) it is nose-heavy? Was it difficult to pull back, keep the nose up and land on the main wheels?
  9. I am really happy for all the Nynja owners out there that the 600 kg upgrade is retrofitable. I wonder how much of a weight increase there will be in the airframe?
  10. The pictures are good. I am surprised how much of the extended baggage area is still available to carry things.
  11. I have had an operation and while recovering I decided to read through anything to do with the horizontal stabiliser (which is nearly complete) and the elevator. I had quite a think about this issue and decided to do No 5 which is a small bracket which braces the centre in the opposite direction. The idea is for this bracket to be a "helper" to the bracket on the other side supplied by ICP. I was able to keep this bracket to just 6 grams. Unfortunately I am too weak (at present) to do any more than about an hour's work in my shed: just enough time to make the bracket and rivet it in place. When I next get back to it, I may also do Major Tom's No 4. :-)
  12. Mark, are you going to fit a ballistic chute to your plane as part of the upgrade?
  13. I will have a think whether or not to put something into the frames for rust protection. As you say, if it remains sealed then it may not be a problem. I wonder if the grip handles could be welded on easily without weakening the frame or, what is worse, warping the frame? Perhaps it may be possible to fit plastic automotive handles to the frame instead? There many different kinds available:
  14. Perhaps, iBob, you should sent photos of your own lovely aircraft??
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