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  1. Hi Tom, It's great to see your aircraft flying! This will inspire me to work on my Savannah and get mine in the luft as well. I like the colour too. Could you post a picture of the complete dash panel?
  2. BRS in New Zealand costs $NZD11,845 plus freight from Auckland to other parts of the country. This is equivalent to $AUD11,230 at today's rate. That is pretty pricey. They tell me they weigh 13 kg.
  3. It seems that it still better to have the extended baggage area for more space, even with a chute in place. Is GRS the only recommended chute for the Savannah? ...or are there a number of possible ballistic chutes for this plane??
  4. I may be interested too. Hopefully PerryNZ or In Ibob will know the source.
  5. G'day Mark, Because the NZ dealer was a sub-agent of Reg's Aerokits* business, Savannah buyers in NZ were supplied with four fuel tanks and the extended baggage area as well. That is how my kit is supplied. Perhaps Down Under in general fit into this ICP policy? NZ kits also come 'standard' with adjustable seats. I am interested in what you're doing with the BRS because, when I get to the fuselage in my build, I will have another conversation with my wife to confirm that she wants me to fly with a ballistic chute. I can predict the answer: Yes! ... she wants to keep me. I am really interested in your chute progress for this reason. I am also curious how useable the remaining baggage area will be after fitting the chute. So far, your pictures tell the story well. *now that Reg has sold the business, I am not sure what the arrangement with the NZ sub-agent is at present.
  6. There is compulsory fitment of ballistic chutes in some European countries so I am surprised that you have to invent this all from scratch. Doesn't ICP supply all the mounting hardware as an add-on kit?
  7. If you happen to come across Valor/A22 parts, I might be interested in one of those little tail wheels. PM me if you happen to see one.
  8. Very interesting Mark. It seems like the chute will take quite a bit of space from the baggage compartment, even an extended one. However, I think it is a life saving 'must-have'. I wonder how much the chute and rocket combination affects the weight and balance? As the balance will be a bit Aft it may mean I have to put a bigger engine up front for the sake of proper balance!
  9. I realise that the CH750 was an enlarged version of the CH701 (which forms the basis of the Savannah). The CH750 has grown in mass considerably!
  10. If that is 945 lb in total we are looking at an empty weight of 429 kg. That is a lot more weight than Karl's 770 lb. I wonder if that is correct?
  11. Hi Karl, This is a screen shot from the video. What sort of cowl are you using?
  12. Hi Karl, Up till now, every time I mention a Viking 130 I receive predictions of gloom from others. One person had "calculated" that a Savannah with a Viking 130 would need a minimum of 13 kilograms (or 28.5 pounds) of lead to be placed in the tail to compensate for the heavier-than-Rotax-912-engine. Another person's opinion was that the 28.5 lb of lead would not even be enough. It is good to hear that it is within the weight and balance range. However, I think Mark has given very wise advice about shifting the battery in the back. The extra cable length and shift of the weight of the battery will help keep weight off the nose wheel. You said that your plane weighs 770 lb (or 350 kg). Many Savannahs end up around 300-318 kg (660-700 lb). Is the extra weight just from the Viking 130 or are there other factors that got your plane up to 770 kg?
  13. The Australian X-Air + Pipistrel dealer once flew from Queensland to New Zealand in an RA-Aus aircraft. He left OOL (Gold Coast Airport) and flew to Lord Howe Island. Then he flew to Norfolk Island the next day. The third flight was from Norfolk Island to Kerikeri, New Zealand. The plane was a Pipistrel Sinus. The distance is about 2,500 km. Here are the details: