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  1. ICP also ditched the corrugated "garden shed" fuselage sides on the S model. The two penalties are (1) a slightly heavier fuselage and (2) a more time consuming build. I have spoken to people who have flown both the square XL model and the rounded S model and they tell me they fly the same. I understand that the VG model lands in a slightly shorter distance.
  2. eightyknots


    Hi Marty, This is an interesting development. Where are you sourcing the parts with your home made variant? Did you get plans for this arrangement from somewhere?
  3. Hi Mark, This is all pretty exciting for you. Enjoy the build. No doubt you will keep us posted!
  4. I hope you get airborne soon, Steve!
  5. eightyknots


    Hi Robbie, Is your Savannah flying now?
  6. Hi Bob, It is great to see the wings attached. Things are getting close: well done! This is an exciting part of the plane-building journey .
  7. Hi Bob, It looks really professional. I am sure they will be comfortable.
  8. Hi Ultralights, I happen to see your youtube clip and saw the 2 ipad set up. Could you give us some details as to what runs these ipads so nicely?
  9. The layout suggested seems pretty good to me.
  10. Elegant is definitely my choice. It has a clean, crisp look.
  11. This is the Macdonalds' DC3 in Taupo, New Zealand. Hamburger eaters and/or coffee drinkers can use the seats inside.
  12. It sounds good. If improvements like this makes a good plane better or longer lasting, I would be interested in a complete set of bushes too.
  13. Bob, I will PM tonight. Perhaps we can get multiple sets made at once?
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