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  1. Going well there Phil!
  2. You have just fulfilled the name of this thread: "Another NEW Savannah S on it's way in NZ". Your NEW Savannah S is demonstrably on its way in New Zealand. BTW: I love the blue colour you have chosen for this plane.
  3. Hi Bob, This is fantastic news: it is great to see that, after the many hours of meticulous work that you have poured into SVA, it is now fully airborne. May you have many happy hours of flight in your new Savannah!
  4. Hi Marty, For some reason this is not downloading for me :-|
  5. I am one of the fifty flap bracket purchasers! One additional feature is that Mark has factored in an extra flap position.
  6. I agree. For about a month, more people were contributing to the "Atheists" thread and the "JuliaR" thread than aviation threads. I hope that we won't have something like this happening again on the Recreational Flying forum.
  7. Marty, Do you have any plans for the rubber puck replacement system?
  8. ICP also ditched the corrugated "garden shed" fuselage sides on the S model. The two penalties are (1) a slightly heavier fuselage and (2) a more time consuming build. I have spoken to people who have flown both the square XL model and the rounded S model and they tell me they fly the same. I understand that the VG model lands in a slightly shorter distance.
  9. eightyknots


    Hi Marty, This is an interesting development. Where are you sourcing the parts with your home made variant? Did you get plans for this arrangement from somewhere?
  10. Hi Mark, This is all pretty exciting for you. Enjoy the build. No doubt you will keep us posted!
  11. I hope you get airborne soon, Steve!
  12. eightyknots


    Hi Robbie, Is your Savannah flying now?
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