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  1. It is fantastic to see all this progress Bex. Hopefully you are still making good progress health-wise also!
  2. Here is a picture of one of the New Zealand tricycle Savannahs with a rudder extension fitted followed by the yellow Savannah which had it added later. This allows you to see the increase of the rudder's surface area.
  3. The factory may not have a problem with the tailwheel version but they had to make the aeroplane heavier to achieve it. This is a quote from their website: The fuselage has been further reinforced to accommodate the main landing gear that was moved in a forward position. Corresponding with the tail wheel, the rudder has been enlarged to improve the directional control on the ground. This has the effect of adding 12 kg on to the weight of the tricycle version using official ICP website's figures. The tall rudder adds 0.5 kg so the beefing up of the airframe has added 11.5 kg. I think the best thing that ICP has introduced with the tailwheel version is the taller rudder now available as an add-on to the kit. I did buy the tall rudder kit and it adds about 420 grams in weight. This does not include the extra paint that will go on it in future. All up, I estimate around 1/2 kg. Reg Brost developed this and the idea was soon after this borrowed by ICP in the same way they liked Stolspeed's (JG3's) vortex generators which are now found on almost all Savannahs sold. The irony is that the tall rudder kit is sold in considerably greater quantities to tricycle Savannah builders than to tailwheel builders.
  4. I am very intrigued as to why the outboard tanks shifted outwards without having the weight of the fuel inside the tanks, this being the factor (I would have thought) that would have caused the shift. ⛽
  5. I have read about the vertical brackets as well ...in addition to the many other suggested improvements for this aircraft, many which are worthwhile. I intend to 'locate' the tanks somehow but I am conscious that every additional improvement adds weight to my Savannah. I wonder which option weighs more: sikaflex or small aluminium brackets?
  6. I wonder why ICP don't use aluminium tanks like some other kit manufacturers?
  7. Hi Bob, Shifting fuel tanks is a good sign! ...it means you are flying her 😉. I was wondering about which direction the shift is: inboard or onwards? ...also how far?
  8. Hi Steve ZK, What model Savannah do you fly? ...Classic, ADV, VG, XL or S? Also, have you flown your aircraft on longer, cross country trips ….or just local?
  9. Is your AOA/LRI a Bendix unit? I have considered these but at present they are pretty pricey. Or, perhaps your instrument is another brand? The Bendix instruments came out on top of comparative reviews when I read about them about three years ago. Perhaps there are more cost effective (but still functionally effective) units on the market than the Bendix. I am not aware of any.
  10. Hi Bob, I hope you can solve the noisy air leaks where the wing roots meet the windscreen. I hope the noise is not generated by the modified shape.
  11. You have just fulfilled the name of this thread: "Another NEW Savannah S on it's way in NZ". Your NEW Savannah S is demonstrably on its way in New Zealand. BTW: I love the blue colour you have chosen for this plane.
  12. Hi Bob, This is fantastic news: it is great to see that, after the many hours of meticulous work that you have poured into SVA, it is now fully airborne. May you have many happy hours of flight in your new Savannah!
  13. Hi Marty, For some reason this is not downloading for me :-|
  14. I am one of the fifty flap bracket purchasers! One additional feature is that Mark has factored in an extra flap position.
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