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  1. eightyknots

    Tell us about your last flight

    I hope you have pictures of the Down Under crop circles that you can share with us.
  2. eightyknots

    My Savannah S model rebuild Blog

    That rebuild is proving to be a h-u-g-e job. I am sure the end result will be completely worth all the effort. PS: Mark did you see the "what is the best radio" question on this thread?
  3. eightyknots

    Radio replacement

    Perhaps ask Mark Kyle*? He is a radio tech and I am sure he has a recommendation (or two). * Kyle Communications on this forum
  4. eightyknots

    Another NEW Savannah S on it's way in NZ

    You've been working hard. It is great to see the Rotax in position!
  5. eightyknots

    Happy New Year for 2019

    Happy new year to all the Rec Flying forumites!
  6. eightyknots

    A new Nynja in the area

    I love it!
  7. eightyknots

    What`s Happening???

    A good idea: a mooring line would stop your Drifter from drifting!
  8. * for more BOM info: https://levilaviation.com/thebom/
  9. I am starting to think ahead to my dashboard even though I am at the start of my aircraft build. I have a number of choices and, as I see it, they can be: 1. Steam gauges only supplied by the kit maker (so no extra cost). 2. Android or Eyepad based system, perhaps in conjunction with a BOM* (Broadcasting Outer Module) system as well as some essential steam gauges for redundancy. 3. A mixture of a 'workhorse' Dynon D10A system along with some steam gauges. 4. Glass panels only. I would be interested in people's thoughts about what is light effective and cost-friendly. (Mike, In addition to the Dynon D10A are your other instruments still steam gauges?)
  10. MTBF = Mean Time Between Failures.
  11. eightyknots

    Another NEW Savannah XL on its way

    Hi Baz, Mark has done us a great service in setting up this thread! The many pictures and suggestions he has uploaded are really helpful and informative. Also, other Savannah builders have added their useful suggestions which adds to the richness of this thread. I finally started to build my Savannah S last month and, being a first time REAL plane builder (I did build my first balsa wood aircraft 50 years ago and other model aircraft after that), threads like this are a fantastic source of extra information. This thread would have to be one of the threads viewed most times on this forum. Well done Mark: you're a great bloke. PS: in addition to the Savannah rebuild thread that Mark also started (see the above post), the series of threads from iBob are also really useful.
  12. eightyknots

    My Savannah S model rebuild Blog

    Or just leaving it the sun may do the trick. I had this bluish plastic on stainless steel some years ago. This also had been on for years. The plastic pulled off one small section at a time ...until I left it in the sun for a couple of hours. It came off easily after that.
  13. eightyknots

    My Savannah S model rebuild Blog

    I can't believe it either...and yet it seems to be all too common. What is it about aviation that seems to attract dodgy operators? I don't know how these people live with themselves. It makes doing a build myself more and more attractive. Is it time to name and shame? I am disappointed and disgusted. If these 'build experts' are the cause of eventual airframe failures, I wonder if their guilty consciences will get them to get back to all the other planes they have built and correct the deficiencies? ...I would say not! The main problem is that the media will report something like "catastrophic ultralight airframe failure leads to multiple deaths". They may add the word "home made" in their article to make matters worse for careful home builders. Before long, CASA will launch an Enquiry. This Enquiry could recommend a strict (and costly) inspection regime and/or tough restrictions on home builders. I am glad you're discovering their shortcuts Mark, and correcting them.
  14. I think you're right Mark. I went on a large US fishing vessel berthed in Sydney Harbour around 1987 or 1988. In addition to an on board helicopter and a large fish processing factory on this vessel, they had a GPS. The captain told me it was "very new technology". The GPS unit was really large and looked heavy. It couldn't have been carried by a glider.
  15. eightyknots

    hang gliding harness incident

    This is a hair-raising, horrible situation. I am glad the 'victim' survived.