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  1. I have had a 912ULS foul plugs on unleaded due to the idle being too rich, but only after prolonged periods at a low idle. The short term work around is, if your brakes are good enough, a short full power run which should clear it. As mentioned above, there is something wrong if you are getting fouling, best to work out what & sort it.
  2. One of the biggest negatives of renting is the lack of long term security. Some time ago I was renting a space from a friend. He sold the hangar and moved on. The new owner wanted the whole space for himself so we were out. We were lucky another space was available immediately.
  3. It still beats me how solar can be called “renewable” energy. Once those rays of sunshine have been converted to electricity or heat they are gone, used, kaput. There is no reusing or renewing that energy! The sun has a finite amout of energy. Once its gone thats it!!!!
  4. Samarai was the parent company of Airborne magazine, which is now defunct. The rights to the plans were purchased by Wolf Models. If you go to their website, click on “Airborne Plans”, then open page 4 of that listing, you will see the Drifter plan is still available for $33.00. I haven’t had plans printed for probably 20 years but I doubt you would be able to get them copied for much less.
  5. That spinner cone looks like the bolt heads have worn into the fibreglass. Were there washers on those bolts?
  6. That is the un-pretty child born of a drunken one night stand between a F4U Corsair & an Ercoupe.
  7. The information re flying displays over water is either very new or very wrong. I closely follow happenings at Duxford on an almost daily basis through several sources (Duxford is Mecca to me). While there have been alot of changes to UK regulations regarding air displays with vintage aircraft since the 2014 Shoram Hunter accident, displays at Duxford (and many other land locked locations) continue. There has been changes to both the crowd line and to the display line at Duxford to comply with the new regulations. In reality the changes (which were in place for the “Flying Legends” show in 2017), while increasing safety margins, have had little impact on the airshow experience for spectators. The final AAIB report on the Shoram accident is available online for those interested in the actual events. It will be interesting to see how this report is used in the court case against the pilot, as AAIB states clearly in the report that it’s investigation is not for the assignment of blame. If this report is used in court, it is not a stretch of the imagination that the AAIB may not get the level of cooperation it is used to from people Involved in accidents.
  8. Fairchild PT-23. A radial engined version of the PT-19.
  9. I have just bought a set of wheels & brakes from Matco in the USA. There is no local supplier. Dealing direct was no problem and they were very helpful.
  10. Glad you appreciate it Ian because comments like red750's above ( calling other's feedback "hissy fits" and being told to "build a bridge" ), does nothing to encourage anyone to contribute. I often refrain from contributing to threads here because of this exact type of response from those who think their opinion is the only one. I enjoy a disscussion with varying points of view, but having someone try to force their opinion on others ( especially when like in this situation it is only an opinion ), will usually see me leaving that discussion.
  11. It does make a difference if like me you use the "New" button in the menu on the left side of the screen. This page will show all the recent posts from the off topic as well as the flying stuff. As the page only shows so many posts, every off topic post is pushing another flying post off the front page. I also think having the off topic stuff separate discourages thread drift, I have seen many times as a thread drifts someone suggests it be taken to the off topic site, preserving the original thread topic.
  12. I don't want to see the off topic stuff back here in the flying forums. I have no real interest in the other stuff. Forums that diversify may become bigger but I am not looking for the biggest forum, only one that is about flying that is relevant to the flying I do.
  13. If you had waited until Sunday there were 23 aircraft flew in to Agnes Waters and over 40 aviation enthusiasts for a very social lunch at the resort. It was a bit breezy but very managable. The meal was excellent too.
  14. It is still there and no way I would get in it.
  15. That's a joke. RAAus allow, er, sorry, require many Instructors / schools to self audit. I posted about that some time ago & based on the lack of response not too many people were bothered by that fact. Personally I believe it is just plain wrong.
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