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  1. I guess it would depend on the particular school Nev. for example the CFI where I have done my BFRs for the last 10+ years, includes a partial engine failure on take off in every BFR.
  2. The big difference between commercial and private flying is what is EXPECTED of a professional pilot. (leaving aside the issues of duty hours & overloading) Both are using forecasts and everybody accepts the variations involved there. The major difference is at the planning stage - if the flight is ”legal“ including fuel reserves, alternates etc. the competent pilot is expected to complete the task - the option of I’ll just wait another day as in private flying Is not a option (Call it commercial pressure if you like). The issue that arises is when the conditions change from the f
  3. Been there done that until the constitution change, I refused to nominate or have any part of what IMO was a very backward step handing effectively full control to 4 individuals - an Australia wide organisation with effectively NO regional input, it was never going to represent member’s views. But hey, 800 people gave them their proxy votes so I accept I must be the one out of step, so instead of beating my head against a brick wall I am just watching the predictable outcomes. (I was the RAA regional representative on the RACPAC committee also but resigned from that after the change as I ref
  4. It was forecast - from the time we let these clowns to have total control of what was previously a members organisation - it has been all down hill. No doubt the usual supporters of “GA mini” will come out in support of this approach with LAME maintenance and class 2 medicals unrealistic and unsustainable fees - it is time to get rid of this tripe. There is no point in paying membership fees AND registration if maintenance & medical requirements are the same - just go GA and forget MINI GA. OR regain control of RAA.
  5. Fred


    I paid $215 last year and $245 this year. - that is a $30 increase to me pretty simple
  6. Obviously with the RPL not limited to Townsville Only like the proposal (as I read it).
  7. 2 GA schools. Both doing fixed wing GA. One also does rotary the other does also RAA. Both train in Townsville class C. They have different names for their rotary & RAA operations but in fact are only 2 operations. A different RAA school at Woodstock & nil currently at Bluewater. RAA & GA flight school at Ayr does RPL CTA training into Townsville also which has resulted in several Jabiru owners going into & transiting YBTL class C at will. The comical situation arises when you see the RAA/GA school in Townsville using 3 Foxbats - one registered GA and the other 2 RAA.
  8. Just renew my RAA membership, increase of $30, is there no end to this BS.
  9. There is already RAA training approved & happening for some time in class C.
  10. Funny really, progressively more people are coming to realise the major mistake we made a couple of years ago. At some stage enough will realise what is happening, hopefully before it’s too late to regain control of what was once a members organisation. The horse may have already bolted though.
  11. CTA for suitablely equipped RAA aircraft is already available by virtue os CAO 95.55 with a RPL. Any CTA endorsement for a RPC would be the same as a RPL i.e. content and medical so nothing gained.
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