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Well, our new Nynja flies well according to Greg. There are some minor issues to deal with but they will soon be ironed out. The weather on the day could not ahve been better and Greg managed some spectacular landings.Check out the video


Hi Scott I purchased a Nynja kit from Mark Allen on Saturday, I live in Mackay and presently sorting my shed and arranging the components. Would you mind if I asked so questions from time to time once I get started; especially about any tips and improvement type of things. Mark mentioned about your way of trimming the engine cowl etc.

Thanks Mike



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I've got the rego papers back from RA-Aus and now just waiting for the weather and my schedule to line up with the test pilot's schedule. Won't be long though.LOL, I didn't know they published that until people started emailing me. Where I live, I get the mail a day later than on the mainland.

Is that a Taswegian flag below your Avatar?



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