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drifter fly in anyone!?!

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Nothing official, just wondering about interest, but if i were to organise it, would anyone be keen on a bit of a drifter fly in? just to catch up and meet the other faces who share our love. nothing to serious, just a bbq and lots of hand shaking. but if it turns into a bit of a sucess we could step it up a notch from there.


I was thinking of asking Wayne and seeing if we can do it our hangar in lismore. As I figured its a pretty central to alot of drifters, plus spectrum Aviation is pretty well the home of drifters. but we might be able to look at another field that's a bit more quite so airspace is more free.


but anyway its all just hear say at the moment, just wondering who would be interested in such a thing. I'm mostly just keen to meet some of those other wind blown faces out there!



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Good luck with it Tim, our next attept at the savannah muster will be attempt no, 4 in April. The last attemp was the closest we got to getting it off the ground but weather killed it stone dead for the four days immediately prior to the date. http://www.recreationalflying.com/threads/savannah-muster.33706/ as you will see it started off with a simple question very much like yours. All you can do is keep asking the question as we did again last week-end over a plate of chinese at the Evans Head bowling club (best chinese I have ever eaten).



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Guys we have 5 drifters here in gympie and I know the aero club will be behind any fly in.

you guys where one of the main mobs i was thinking. I think most people would be coming from C+asino, tyagrah, boonah and gympie. this said though everyone else would be more than welcome! i just know theres alot of numbers there. we need to find though a time of year the weather is good in most areas to insure not only can people get down but home again to! what is march like up there?!?


Would there be that many drifters within 50 miles of lismore?sorry,,,,I'll be off now!

now now, no need to get cheeky! seen some drifters do some mighty big flights! super_hero.gif.5d50ddb84d4e7e727183b80b4acbc28c.gif



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