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Pilots arm falls off.

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Pilot lands plane after his arm falls off



A pilot lost control of a passenger plane as it was coming in to land after his prosthetic arm fell off.


The unnamed 46-year-old was landing a Dash 8 plane carrying 47 passengers at Belfast City Airport in February when his lower left prosthetic arm became detached from its yoke clamp.


The pilot ended up losing control of the aircraft but since there was no time to hand the control over to the co-pilot, he instead used his right hand to manually land the plane.


The terrifying event was detailed in a recent report by the Air Accidents Investigation Branch.


According to the report the senior pilot is one of Flybe's "most experienced and trusted pilots".


Read more at http://www.9news.com.au/world/2014/08/14/15/24/pilot-lands-plane-after-arm-falls-off#LjSldjWLjQ0JJpk7.99



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The AAIB report tells a bit more of the story




Factor in night landing, wind gusting to 48kt, in a crosswind and the hand releases from the yoke (not from him!) during the flare. I'd say he probably did alright to get away with just a bounce and heavy landing



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