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Daily Special IS BACK


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The wife is sick of having Clear Prop stock in every corner of the house so under duress I built 46 sq/ft of extra stock shelving which made her happy BUT it still isn't enough with so many more new and exciting products arriving in the next week or two not to mention another 100 more headsets all of which there isn't anymore room.


SO, the Recreational Flying/Clear Prop DAILY SPECIAL IS BACK. Every day the site will have an incredible bargain at a hugely discounted price to clear out excess stock to make more room. The daily special will last for one day or until sold out with some items only having 1 or 2 so first in best dressed. Some items also have FREE Shipping when bundled in an order with other Clear Prop products.


Win/Win...we clear out stock and you get an incredible bargain so every day make sure you check the daily special in the right column of most site pages.


Look what's coming:


gopro.jpg.50c53db778db25171acc73f0d450f046.jpg Go Pro complete accessory kit


bike.jpg.912296c50c4c2bb887b3272e59237071.jpg For the bikers, a unique motor bike clock


shirt2.jpg.3312b9b639c458be287deca4bf0f73dc.jpg Recreational Flying embroided shirts


terminal.jpg.2d27191e7e091f45391485a04dc90804.jpg Easy clip on battery terminal connectors


toyplane.jpg.c5e9a5bb3033fea414d1ee862edafd9a.jpg Pull Back Dusty Plane toy for the kids


bullethole.jpg.1c754daf657da2f0c7eaf91087901d31.jpg Fake bullet hole transfers for around your aircraft


jacket.jpg.dcce61489aa64a88508a79ea02a75e8a.jpg Magnificent and stylish Recreational Flying embroided jackets


gpstracking.jpg.9312c34e643b8ca92771cf0443c784f2.jpg GPS aircraft tracking system to track your aircraft from a phone or PC


urinal.jpg.875e2989d570e558d2c11e76dfac8471.jpg Female urinal catchment for when they just gotta go


weather.jpg.7b4de30aa0a01564ba0c21c2af6c8e3b.jpg Weather station


carbon.jpg.6a67635db743aa3decc98bd6926622c5.jpg Rolls of carbon fibre look for your aircraft panel


cuff5.jpg.4f29495264a7267e19fc2c1b1b6ed84f.jpg Aircraft cuff links


coax.jpg.ea3dbced54b906bfa9acb74fe8ac552f.jpg Coax cable cutter


crimp.jpg.278e9f5645f57ce3b78f4ba7a630dd48.jpg Electrical crimp plier cutter


sdcard.jpg.3e5d80c26ff0026997f3521296886916.jpg 128gb micro sd card to store every map, chart etc on your mobile device













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(max 20 images per post so here are some more)


isolation.jpg.b361783f6757f4d50db5ec84d1cb5c3c.jpg Battery isolation switch


wirestripper.jpg.ea383d0fc9567d2be55a35f20ed7782c.jpg Multifunctional self adjusting automatic cable and wire stripper


holder.jpg.7467bce1becf85b779e52b0f3e88d02b.jpg Multi dimensional device holder with suction mount


gpsreceiver.jpg.fdbab5162c6e9ae797c80881dd11f4ef.jpg USB GPS receiver


balloons.jpg.5352700c770db3404fa19be9037f1147.jpg Aircraft balloons for that aviation party


mouse.jpg.1d8e67948f008c433ed85bae771e56a3.jpg A unique futuristic mouse that folds in half taking up less room in the flight bag


cree.jpg.56a4ef5799db020f34a2153702c37518.jpg Mini LED CREE torch


volts.jpg.46484f84971f329453848f5ecddcc6c3.jpg Mini digital voltage display instrument


ampsvolts.jpg.d38d2d114ed50ec885d63693492bdd8c.jpg Digital Voltage and Amps display instrument


binoculars.jpg.35b388276a2b7fab6fa2da70c9203318.jpg Day and Night vision 60x binoculars


storage.jpg.38f822a4215cdf77d90d24a2d8b33feb.jpg Stick on storage compartment


tyre.jpg.119ddf69ff7a6fea521319dafea0997d.jpg Tyre pressure gauge


headlight.jpg.afbd0738779440948a178fb41845c736.jpg LED Head Light for hands free viewing


watch2.jpg.9694322d887f4542053932d6bc808eb2.jpg Sportsman watches


leakdown.jpg.978c41993bba3bfa9ac99a27636779b5.jpg Leakdown Tester


The above is only about half of what is arriving...far too many new and exciting items to list in one post





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I love the multi dimensional device holder with suction mount. If the dimensions include time you could go back and change that bad decision to proceed into IMC. But maybe the dimensions are extra space dimensions, which would explain the futuristic mouse that folds in half.


But seriously, a good list, thanks.



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A quick thumbs up for the Clear Prop store. I ordered several items from the daily specials list early this week. They arrived this morning well and protectively packed and exactly as described. I had several emails from Ian in the intervening period letting me know the status of my order through the system and a final email letting me know it had been despatched.


Good communication, Clearly strong client focus, good products. Who could ask for more!?


Thanks Ian


May you prosper.


No I don't work for Clear prop. 003_cheezy_grin.gif.c5a94fc2937f61b556d8146a1bc97ef8.gif



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Thanks Gandalph...Corrine and I have made a very concentrated effort on improving the system for the shop...even as I speak I am 75% through the development of a big enhancement for it where everyone who uses it is even further rewarded along with the lowest prices we can get for you



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  • 2 weeks later...

The Clear Prop Shop is back online now...took 10hrs but all is good.


Still have some tinkering to do but will do that tomorrow...please advise any issues if you have any with it...thanks



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Back to $250 now........maybe next time....

Oops, sorry i hadn't lowered the price in the updated shop....all fixed now and I will leave that special run for another 24hrs...sorry about that



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