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A bit more work later ...........


.........and I learned that I do not like my multifocal glasses when looking upward to find 3/32 holes to back drill into skins

I had the same problem. Go to your chemist and buy a cheap pair of single magnification reading specs. They come in 1, 1.5, 2 times mag and solve the "looking upwards" problem.



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Why pay optometrist prices? You can get perfectly good reading glasses from a Reject Shop or similar cheap goods shop for around $3.50. Multiple strengths, buy a couple of pairs. I've used them for years.



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OMG - that guy looks like the designer.

Hey, I resemble that remark, well, sort of...



This is from a Simpson's 'create a likeness' page that I can't find anymore.053_no.gif.1b075e917db98e3e6efb5417cfec8882.gif







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It's a nice looking job. Are the angled braces to the rear of the cockpit temporary? (The vertical ones which join to the top corners of the cabin frame).


I'm guessing that frame will provide the mounting point for the wing at the mainspar - are you building another one aft of it?



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The braces will be staying - it is the area where the motor will be mounted and yes you are right about the wings. It is a one off at this time. I don't think I could cope with building another one certainly not at the moment.



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