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Slip/Skid gauge


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Crikey Ross - $650, what's wrong with ours at $499












· Object display and mark


· Precision electrical gyroscope


· Small in size, light in weight


· Simple construction, convenience in maintenance


· Power failure warning




· Voltage: 12 to 32 V DC


· Electrical consumption: starting current(no more than 1.5A),operating current (no more than 0.35A)


· Operating range: 2 min. Turn


· Weight: 0.47Kg (16.55ozs )





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I didn't know you had them Ian. Sometime you have to load the rest of the cattledog into the online shop.


I am not buying from that mob and not paying near that. They just came up on google.


It's coming from the US - taking advantage of our dollar. If I knew you had them I would have got it from you, but I hate annoying you when you're so busy.


And - it was a late decision when I was making the instrument panel. Mmmm - no slip gauge and a bloody great hole to fill. Think I'll get an electric TC.


Cheers anyway,





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Matt, unfortunately I have many separate dogalogs sitting in a pile on my desk that cover over 10,000 items - from a small aviation grade screw/nut/bolt to touch pad EFIS screens.


I am at work all day and then come home at night and get hit with many emails and other things to do that I just haven't had the time. However the last week or so apart from working around some big areas like organising the flyin, trying to find what aircraft to buy next for myself (lot of research), building a big playground in the back yard for the kids, doing earthworks etc ready for the delivery of our new endless swimming pool and separate spa :big_grin:, friend from NZ over visiting at the moment etc, I have been giving some thought about how I can make this site and aviation in general more included in my future - and this has included the shop. So soon, once I clear the deck a bit, I will be focusing on getting the shop "stocked" with everything.



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Is it possible to list on the site links to catalogues of manufacturers' whose products you can access. With a view that forum members can identify a product and then contact you for quote to supply?


Just a thought





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if you just want the basic slip gauge non electric I have 2 lying in my shed which I will never use. One fits in a insrument size round hole in the dash. The other is a straight long bar as fitted to the early Jabs. IF you pay for the postage I will send you one of them . The choice is yours.


Cheers Helmut.



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Aircraft Spruce offer a range of 'slip/skid' indicators - from $1300 USD down to $36.


Look up their website and go to 'instruments' - then - turn co-ordinators, turn & bank, slip indicators and inclinometers


I like the Falcon inclinometer for $42 USD as it fits a 2 1/4inch hole nicely and presents well


After a while - when your L and R buttocks become more attuned to balance - sell it off and make a profit !!





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Turn and slip/skid indicators.


The turn bit is the expensive part, as it has a gyro, but is probably not much use unless you want a back-up for instrument flight, then you would need a TSO'd (very expensive) unit and this is not relevant to our operations, anyhow.


The slip/skid function can have a use as even though you can fly by the seat of the pants, this comes after a while, and usually by reference to an instrument in the learning stages.


Flying with the aircraft unbalanced can lose a lot of performance and is dangerous in turns if the speed is a bit low. It can also cause the fuel to feed unevenly, or vent if the tanks are full.


I have had some exposure to a thing called a turn coordinator, and if someone can enlighten me as to a reason why you would use one, I would be grateful.


Having said all this, it can be desired by some to have a more or less complete panel to play around with on those days when you can cut the air with a knife, and practice timed rate turns for accurate heading changes etc. Nev.



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Matt and others make a very good point about not knowing what is available from the shop. Also your spare time availability must be a precious commodity what with this site and all the other items you seem involved in.


I have bought a few items that have been listed on the shop as these should be automatically handled, but feel reluctant to enquire if X or Y was available as it has to be replied to individually and you seem so busy; with your low prices it is hard to see this being a cost effective use of your time.


As somebody who is also short of "personal" time, I feel guilty to seek a good deal from you if it is at the expense of yet another thing for you to answer or organise.







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Thanks Guys


I am committed to work here at AaE for another 7 weeks or so although I may soon just work part time so I can dedicate more time to the site and the shop. The shop was started just as an extra service to the forum members and not as a business to make money from it as such but rather pay the costs of running the website. However, I can see potential in broadening the scope of the shop in the not very distant future.


BUT, I have a plan ;) that hopefully will see more time being devoted to the site and to recreational flying in general - trying to talk to the forum moderators about it first - more later!



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If you have a pusher engine, the really cheap, and effective, option is a "yaw string" as used on gliders. Simply a piece if knitting wool taped to the centre of the windscreen. It is very sensitive to yaw, enhanced by the curvature of most windscreens.





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