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Guess the plane

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Guest Pioneer200

I was flying this plane and it was my passenger who took the photo just before touchdown. It is a very popular plane with you Aussies!!! I want make and model!!!



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That's what I would expect from someone who doesn't take a REAL takeoff run, just jumps into the air and lands on fence posts.


Here are some interesting comments of the time, written by one of WW1's best fighter pilots who learnt to fly in one:




..the winged Hero was regarding me thoughtfully with something in his eye that reminded me of a hungry tiger lookin at his meat.


"How much dual control have you done?" he asked


"Three hours and twenty minutes," I answered hopeful that so small an amount would induce him to give me more at once.


"H'm-" he muttered, still looking at me fixedly. "Do you think you could go solo?"


The question staggered me. All my past lies flashed before me, whirled in my head and merged into one huge thumping fib.


"Yes," I answered and at once regretted it.


"Very well then - " The instructor's voice was kind now, like that of a surgeon about to announce the necessity for a major operation.


"Very well, take up Lxxxxxxx Number 2965"



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OK I'll jump off the fence post and bite.


It's a Farman Longhorn and apart from being a an early aircraft in both French and British forces I am aware of no link to the Spitfire.


Turbo is being quite sneeky posing this question since there are two different aircraft in the picture that he posted.







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Yes, and it was the second one I wanted, not the Maurice Farman Longhorn.


(Only joking Hi Ho - congratulations)


No it's not connected by manufacture to the Spit - I was more referring to the period before the American era with the Mustang.



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And surprise surprise the other one is a shorthorn.


The Longhorn saw service with the Australian Australian Flying Corps.


The AFC was still in its infancy and could provide enough aircrews and ground staff for only half a flight: the unit therefore became known as the Mesopotamian Half-Flight.


(many thanks wikipedia)



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I can recall crossing a paddock one day and sseing a shorthoprn bull a fraction of a second before he saw me. There was a tree nearby. That was the day I first flew solo.


Someone going to pick a plane?



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Guess the engine and aircraft it was in...


The engine above was the largest and most powerful radial design ever made. Name both the engine and aircraft it was used in...



I found this on an aircraft website, and this was there quiz pic and words... let's see how you all go...


Ps. I won't be able to let you know if its correct though...





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Guest drizzt1978

Well largest? Not sure about that:


The largest radial engine ever built in quantity, the Pratt & Whitney Wasp Major, was a 28-cylinder 4-row radial engine used in many large aircraft designs in the post-World War II period. The USSR also built a limited number of 'Zvezda' engines with up to 56 cylinders. The 112-cylinder diesel boat engines featuring 16 rows with 7 banks of cylinders, bore of 160 mm (6.3 in), stroke of 170 mm (6.7 in), and total displacement of 392 liters (23,931 in³). The engine produced 10,000 hp (7,500 kW) at 2,000 rpm.


That picture doesnt look like a multi row?



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Pratt & Whitney Wasp Major, a 28 cylinder 3500 hp used in Convair B-36, Boeing B-50, Corsair F29-2.


Email that back to the Darling Downs Aero Club, and see if it's correct Tomo.



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