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Beach Landing

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Why to avoid beach landings if you canOne that Alf will appreciate. :big_grin:



Ahh Ray,


I could watch them pilots and intact for a short time trikes all day.


Pretty good wank factor in attempting to land on the beach to impress the mates and beach visitors only to look like a wanker when it goes pear shaped.


Yep plenty out there land on the beach and it must be cool to them but it only takes 1 landing to join the feel good wankers club topped off with usually an expensive repair bill


I wish you all beach landers continued success in what you do and hopefully you wont ever join the ever growing club.


It is my choice not to land on the beach not only for this reason but why on earth do you want to add potential corrosion into your highly expensive toy.







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Looking at the wheels of the trike, landing on a beach with tourer wheels is marginal anyway. Landing up in the soft sand zone is a recipe for trouble even with tundra tyres.


Landing on a beach is like landing anywhere else, in that it's safe if you know what you're doing. I've done heaps of beach landings when I was learning to fly as my instructor showed me how. Now I choose not to land on the beach for the $$ reason as Alf said. BUT, It's nice to be able to fly along the spectacular endless runway, no worries about an engine out and the possibility of sseing neat stuff.




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Spectacular video Scott, love that part of the world, although I see now that I have missed out by not visiting by air - yet!


I'll second what you say about beach landings, just like any other on an unpaved surface, you need to assess what you're going to roll your wheels on. In the case of beach landings it probably doesn't do any harm to have driven on sand either, helps you to assess the surface. Somewhere like Rainbow Beach is ideal too because there will almost certainly be wheel tracks on the surface that will allow you to see how soft the sand is.



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Thanks for the video! More like that and hoards of people will want a trike! Seriously, it did me a power of good, the car's in the panel beaters, the plane is in pieces and I'm in the middle of exams - and this one really lifted my spirits.


Thanks mate 011_clap.gif.c796ec930025ef6b94efb6b089d30b16.gif





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yep, great video. I heard a story a while back of someone who landed on a beach like the two in the video. They had the tundra version. They landed fine in soft sand too but crashed on take off as they misjudged the amount of space needed to get an SST wing airborne again from soft sand. They ran out of sand and came off a small sand dune and landed in the surf. Nearly drowned the back seater. Nearly wrote off a brand new outback 912.



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