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Flying Farmers

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OME, I've never done either. I'm unqualified to comment.


I like one old saying on garage walls.


WE have an arrangement with our BANK..


They don't fix cars.


We don't lend money.


Perhaps a little out of date... Pity...





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From experiences today....the ease of availability of a machine replacement part is inversely proportional to its actual suitability for the job.


Says me, who just returned from a 200km round trip to source a belt because the belt I sourced locally, although stamped with the correct size, was not. Grrr.



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Any part on a machine that you have a spare on the shelf for is never the one to fail.


The paddock furthest from the workshop will always have the greater number of breakdowns, especially when the wife is at work teaching.


There is almost nothing that a farmer can't fix with a bit of good fencing wire.


"Yeah we do have a replacement part in Australia. It is in Melbourne" We live Central Wheatbelt WA!!



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