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Technical Manager's comment on 'Dipstick' article in October, 2011 Sport Pilot


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7 October 2011: Technical Manager's comment on 'Dipstick' article in October, 2011 Sport Pilot


  1. I didn't see this article before it was printed.
  2. The article has some errors. Checking the oil in an engine must be performed strictly to the engine manufacturer's instructions:
  3. For Jabiru engines, the dipstick must be pushed right down into the LOCK position to determine the oil level, and other engines are similar.
  4. Always use the manufacturer's instructions.
  5. Having too much oil in an engine can cause real problems, and can cause seal failure and major leaks.
  6. Some engines use the method outlined in the article, but in my experience this is rare.
  7. Please disregard Mr Johnson's comments and use the manufacturer's instructions.
    Steve Bell, Technical manager





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There's probably a general disclaimer some where going along the lines of,"opinions of the contributor, but do not reflect etc". Pilots should apply this to most things they read about planes and they willl save money and operate safer. ALWAYS verify it. Nev



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Guest davidh10
Should the publisher print a correction notice for the balance of the readership?

Although Ian did not disclose the source of his post other than naming Steve Bell, it was posted on the RaAus web site in the notices, thus:

"The Technical Manager requests readers to disregard the 'Dipstick' article in October Sport Pilot; see the comments on the


[/url]Notice Board


. ".


So Steve has done what he can immediately to notify the membership, and Ian has added to the communication channels by posting it here as well. Steve posted before I received the magazine containing the article, so full marks from my perspective.











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