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dazza 38

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You don't need to login...you already are when you login to the site...simply click "Chat Room" in the main menu under Forums and when it opens just click "The Recreational Flying Lounge" and start chatting



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Here are some screen shots of the Chat Room and some of its features:


1. To access it click on Chat Room from the main menu:




2. Click on the Recreational Flying Lounge:




3. This is the chat room so just start chatting by typing in the box at the bottom if there are other users in the chat room:




4. If there isn't anyone in there you can play an animated game by clicking on the Game button:




5. To draw something and share between users who can also contribute to the drawing, you can use the Whiteboard:




6. If you have a webcam or micophone, you can use that as well...to see or hear another users webcam or microphone, just click the little webcam or mic icon next to their name in the right panel:




7. You can send animated emoticons just like MSN Messenger has by simply clicking on the list in the toolbar just above where you type a comment:




8. You don't have to just type text, you can even make a little drawing and submit it to the chat by again clicking the drawing mode in the toolbar:




There is a lot more in the Recreational Flying Chat Room that you can use...you can upload and share images from your PC to other users in there or even add a YouTube video to the conversations for other users to discuss. You can change the colour scheme, your chat icon etc etc etc.


The Recreational Flying Chat Room is a very very powerful feature of the site for you to use in communicating with each other in a general chit chat way...hope you enjoy using it.



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