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Animated Avatars - New Feature


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Hey all, dare I say this but let's see what happens...with the move to the new server etc, you can now have animated avatars...I am sure you will agree though that we will just have to watch user comments on whether they become distracting or not and hopefully they will be tasteful 100_please.gif.86b3bfbc115b0271e90584d59019e59a.gif ...just thought you may like to know about the extra feature we now have here at Aircraft Pilots


For example:





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I first joined forums at an American Homebuilt site, and was already calling myself 'pylon500', so I created a little pylon racing gif with a program I had called 'Animation Maker'.


A bit rough and pixelated, but does the job;




Usually have the slogan 'Go Fast, Turn Left' under it.





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