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Hello to all my fellow pilots


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I am just completing my RPL and should be flying my Jabiru J160 in no time. Have started planning a circumnavigation of Australia and would like to talk to people that have done it, want to do it or want me to stop off in their home town for a visit en route. Happy flying... Jeremy



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G'day Jeremy, can't recall meeting you, but I'm usually only at YMBD Fridays instructing at Hangar 2. Had a nice day today despite the hot weather. Flew to Aldinga for coffee, Victor Harbor, coastal to Murray Mouth return to YMBD with a friend for his 50th b'day gift TIF from his wife. First time in a light a/c of any sort and loved it. Air was smooth as ever despite the 38C temps.


Don't know anyone in particular who has done what you're planning, except perhaps Ross Vining who has done it in his Searey amphibian. You could contact him via the Seaplane Pilots Assoc Aust website. He's done lots of circumnavigation of the coast plus inland diversions right through the centre.




Good luck with your RPL and the J160.



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Hi Jeremy,


I'm an Adelaide lad ... But being in construction, had to head overseas (singapore) to get wok after graduating ... Now back in oz, but in Sydney... I see Adelaide has had a bit of work over he last several years...


Traffic is alwayscgreat there... As are the beaches...


Good job on just about getting you PPL. I'm just starting...


Enjoy the forums







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Yes Tim that's the Jeremy that was with me that day. He doesn't quite have his rpl but he is very close, just a couple more hours and the test. He'll have it very son. Btw well probably be out your way tomorrow so keep your ear out for us.



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cool ,I ll be here tiil 12 pm,then gotta shoot to the bridge,I may drop in to palamana today around2-230, if your here before 12am ill wave from the runway again....always have the ears tunened in for flying machines..take it easy



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Hello Jeremy and 098_welcome.gif.81ff07d492568199326e4f64f78d7bc6.gif. The coordinates to my strip are...17.13.110, 145.56.087 and I`m situated at Deeral, 45 k south of Cairns and almost the same distance to Innisfail, to the south....Just let me know you are coming and I`ll be waiting to greet you.


No trouble getting in and out of my main strip, with a Jab.







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Hi Jeremy


could I suggest a Tagalong


trip with an experinced firm that is based at Stawell Vic


I have been on two of their tours to the Kimberly area via Longreach, Kakado, Kunnanurra, Halls Creek, Burketown, Cape York, ( Horn Island ) Weipa, Karumba sage:


.on.net>, Tali <[email protected]>, Chris Barry <[email protected]>


Subject: Fwd: The Mexican Maid


.on.net>, Tali <[email protected]>, ChBarry <[email protected]>



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Sorry I must have pushed the wrong key


A stuff up


To cut it short the experience I gained would have taken me years if ever to duplicate


The very Proffesional pilots running the tour taught me heaps


I was a very new RPL pilot and would reccomend something similar if you can manage it


one trip included a Tecnam Warrior and a 172 so the 230 was very competative


All fuel, accommadation, transport was arranged. Just flight plan and enjoy


the way to go in my opinon





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