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co-pilot no more


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Hi, after 5 years of holding the map I've decided to embark on my own flying experience. I heading to NSW south coast next week for my first week of training in a Gazelle (weather permitting) at Moruya. I'm really excited, its not costing anywhere near as much as I thought it would.


Flash :yin_yan:



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Again, welcome to the forums - a Gazelle, you are going to love it as the Gazelle is such a gentle and forgiving aircraft that is easy to learn in and to fly providing the starting step in your future great flying experiences



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Good on ya Flash, you'll love it down there. I did my RAAus training there and now I'm doing my PPL training with Graeme. I'm there almost every second weekend so hopefully I'll catch up with you some time.







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G'day Dianne


From me too, a warm welcome. Please pass on my greetings to Graham White. He kindly made the accommodation facilities at the Moruya Aero Club available to me (and our cute little CT) at very short notice a couple of weeks ago. I'll have to get over there again during hours of activity one day soon to say "hello".


All the best with your flying adventure. And a great adventure it is.


Keep a clear mind and a sharp eye.







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I asked Graham how much he is paying you guys - and he said 'lots!'


My boyfriend did his float and tail dragger endorsements (PPL) with Graham and my other friend that I fly with in a Pitts Special learnt from Graham as well years ago. So he was already highly recommended.


It was the Gazelle that convinced me to take the flying on. The other aircraft that I have taken over controls on - Cherokee, Cessna 182, and of course the Pitts, were built for people 6'6 and being 5'5 I could never see over the dash! It was lucky that I did my TIF at Moruya.


Di :yin_yan:



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