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Old Man Emu's not gunna be around

old man emu

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To all of you who are loyal customers, I just want to inform you that I'll be off the net (NO! That's not a spelling mistake!) for two weeks. I'm taking a week's holiday by the seaside to do some work on a book I want to publish, then Old Ma Emu and I are moving house.


We are moving to a 5 acre property on the Razorback between Camden and Picton. It has a four car garage which will give me plenty of space to set up a workshop for all the projects I want to start (sorry no plane). There's also a four bedroom house with swimming pool, but that's not important.


So while the move is on, I won't have the Internet. I'll attend to all outstanding orders etc when we are connected again.


Old Man Emu



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Guest ozzie

Enjoy your holiday, I lived up on Razorback when i was working at Camden long ago. Great views from up there. Stock up on firewood that wind comes straight off the snow fields.



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Well, folks. The holiday has been had and the move has been made. Not that all the unpacking has been done, but that's a job for after work, because




If you were asking me about supplying stuff before I went on holiday, please contact me again so I can get to work getting your plane to work.


Old Man Emu



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