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This is why I have an aeroplane license


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Had the honour and privilege of taking some friends flying this weekend, pretty special to me because one of the young kids I took has autism, He is only 8 years old, and if you're aware of some of the things an autistic child experiences it's pretty special when you see the biggest smile and utter joy beaming from his little eyes as he looks out the window. Loud strange noises are one thing that can upset or frighten a young person with autism, after explaining and demonstrating a few things he was keen as mustard to get going. Strapped him in the back seat next to his sister who is 10yrs old (same age I was when I had my first flight in a small aircraft actually, and got the bug, so to speak) And with his Dad in the front we set off for a flight around the area, there is nothing more special than sharing the freedom of flight with others.


The next one was taking up a great friend who has had some pretty bad experiences in aircraft, because she suffers motion sickness very easily, even in a car.


Giving her a run through on every single thing I will do and why, with my Mum sitting in the back was a huge help with everything, she is very aware of what it's like - having suffered similar, but no where near as bad. I got her sitting in the front so she could see over the bonnet and straight at the horizon, and also being in the airflow from the air vents. I should mention I'm using a C172 here....


After start up and pre take off checks complete I lined up and gently took off, gentle left turn and came around for a landing, keeping everything as smooth as I possibly could, including a powered approach. I told her to keep looking ahead and move the head slowly etc... after landing and turning around, she said she was feeling okay so we back tracked and took off again, making it a gentle climb out for a while. Flew around gently for a few minutes, levelled off and just flew gently around keeping near the strip, just incase.


My aim of this flight was to make it a positive experience, so any signs of feeling queazy I was going to put it down asap as I didn't want it to end with her having another bad time of it.


Getting her to wriggle in her seat a bit and take some deep breaths she was relaxing a bit and starting to enjoy the scenery out the front, I didn't want her to turn her head to much so I just told her to keep looking out the front.


Long story short we came into land about 30 minutes later after flying around the local area for that time. Talking through the whole thing we landed and parked up near the house - I'm flying from home - and climbed out. And guess what!? The bag didn't even come out of the pocket...


It was a great confidence builder for her as she was pretty excited that she survived and didn't get sick, when I told her how long we were up there for she almost didn't believe me! Time flies when you're having fun eh? 001_smile.gif.2cb759f06c4678ed4757932a99c02fa0.gif


Anyway, just thought I'd share that, truly a blessing to share your stuff with others. Even if it did cost me half a weeks wages... ah_oh.gif.cb6948bbe4a506008010cb63d6bb3c47.gif





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I was really surprised when I read of your first passenger. My niece's boy is autistic and they come and stay with us for a week a couple of times a year. There's no way that I could try to control him and fly the plane at the same time. Then I read the bit about him being in the back seat... 001_smile.gif.2cb759f06c4678ed4757932a99c02fa0.gif Isn't it great when you do something that makes him smile! 107_score_010.gif.2fa64cd6c3a0f3d769ce8a3c21d3ff90.gif



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Guest Maj Millard

Money well spent Tomo...and well done for your efforts ! I've flown a lot of people over the years, (including you as I recall !) and yes, there is always that joy in knowing you've done your bit, and hopefully planted a seed for someone.


A couple of years ago I flew an old skydiver friend whose been in a wheelchair for over 30 years . Actually he flew me around in the Lightwing for an hour, as he was Australias' first licensed para pilot years ago. I had to use the rudder for him but he did the rest, and enjoyed every moment....no finer pleasure as you know, it's really what it is all about !!!..................................................Maj...012_thumb_up.gif.cb3bc51429685855e5e23c55d661406e.gif



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Had the honour and privilege of taking some friends flying this weekend, 001_smile.gif.2cb759f06c4678ed4757932a99c02fa0.gif

Tomo: Well done mate. Taking someone up who is frightened of flying and making it an enjoyable and positive experience gets my vote.



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