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Site Melt Down


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Hi All, today I was working on the site and somehow all of a sudden everything went dark 086_gaah.gif.afc514336d60d84c9b8d73d18c3ca02d.gif


When I was able to get over the initial grief and started looking for any damage I found that around 15 forums had packed up and left...a double:gaah: 086_gaah.gif.afc514336d60d84c9b8d73d18c3ca02d.gif


I checked the database and it seemed that the threads and posts were still around so if anyone wants to know what Daily Backups are for then this is it. I opened up the backup that I did last night and was able to extract the forums and their details and import them into the live site and rebuilt it all very quickly.


So to cut a long story short, I apologise for any inconvenience while the site was closed for about 30mins today while it was getting fixed...I believe that everything is ok and nothing was lost and this is simply because I religiously take a backup of the site every single day and store it on my own PC here at home so the site is kept at two different locations.


Please, if by some chance you notice something missing then let me know urgently...thanks and again I do apologise for any inconvenience



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Where's the other 9%...you bloody rip off...bloody Sth Aussie maths


Damkia, if you give me 10% I will get back $225k of your money for you



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