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August 2007


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OK the competition to win the next three editions of Australian Flying magazine for absolutely FREE has opened for August so start posting any of your pictures or stories in this thread - got to be in it to win it so GOOD LUCK! :).


Oh, also don't forget a Caption for your image and just say if you also have another copy of the image that is:


  • jpg format
  • at least 300 dpi (dots per inch) at a usable size (say 6" x 4" or around 16 x 10 cms)
  • and if to be considered as a cover pic - in vertical format
  • aircraft(s) identified in caption


So if you win your picture could go into Australian Flying.


Get those pictures in now and show us all what you've got!!!



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Not a Trojan. I'm not sure I'll be participating in this months, there were quite a few outstanding photographs last month (Mine excluded) I've become somewhat disillusioned as to what qualifies. BTW Munch a Trojan has Tricycle u/c and is not from what I remember a t/dragger.



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Guest munch

Thanks Crazy,my knowledge of military a/c isn't huge so more than happy to find out what type she is.:) I'll tell you one thing tho it sounded bl**dy awesome ;)



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Not a Trojan. BTW Munch a Trojan has Tricycle u/c and is not from what I remember a t/dragger.

Hi guys, this is a Grumman Avenger. There's currently two of them flying in Australia...have just returned from seeing them both perform at the Bundaberg airshow.



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Yep, took the CT4 up...stay tuned for a trip report. But in the meantime, here's some pics from the trip.


1. BAe Strikemaster from Port Macquarie


2. Pip Borman


3. Mig15


4. CT4A - a couple of our new friends


5. CT4Bs at Tamworth


6. Cessna Mustang VLJ...new item on the wish list















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First Flight in Australia


These may not be the best quality pic's. But how often do you get the chance to capture the first flight of a new aircraft type in the country? Taken at Redcliffe on the 1st of August about 8.00am.


Aircraft is the Dova DV-1 Skylark.


Higher resoution pic's are available.













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Reno 2004


Some photos I took at Reno air races September 2004.


[ATTACH]3257.vB[/ATTACH] Dago Red P51 Mustang after race checkout


[ATTACH]3258.vB[/ATTACH] Sea Fury pre race prep.


[ATTACH]3259.vB[/ATTACH] Sea Fury (Septmber Fury) resting between races


[ATTACH]3260.vB[/ATTACH] Bear Cat and a couple of T6's heading for start line


[ATTACH]3261.vB[/ATTACH] Bear Cat(Rare Bear)













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You are right Geoff, my mate asked me to accompany him to Reno (as we are both flying nuts) on the condition that he pays for the trip and I am willing to fly 1st class. Of course I accepted, and after Reno he flew our wives out to Las Vegas where we met them and had to contimue our holliday.


Cheers Helmut.



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Guest Fred Bear

Love the last pic Chris. I think we got a winner in that mate! ;)


Below, something different I captured whilst flying in John Glassfords Aerochute 4327.


Our wing above-Aerochute 4327.









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