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Echuca Invites going out


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I have just started sending out invites to aircraft manufacturers/importers to see if they would like to attend The Great Southern Flyin so if you know anyone that should get an invite then please let me know - it will be by invitation only as the sites will be free.


The inviation reads:




My name is Ian Baker and I manage the discussion forums on the Recreational Flying website http://www.recreationalflying.com. The forums have become the home to over 900 recreational pilots where they discuss with each other all things to do with flying recreational aircraft. The website is completely free, heavily moderated to maintain a very friendly and helpful environment, no commercial advertising and provides what the forum members describe as a necessary medium to promote recreational flying, professionalism in flying and safety, along with forum members exchanging information about maintenance tips, different types of factory built aircraft, kit building, navigation, radios and GPS units and much more. The forums also provide recreational pilots free of any charge many features to help them to enjoy their flying experiences such as Google Earth Airstrips, a flight Route Planner, Weather Reports, Video/Audio/Text chat rooms, Photo gallery and many other features that the forum members use on a regular basis.


The website is simply to provide recreational pilots support, promote recreational flying to all and do so in a completely non-commercial environment.


We also organise 2 flyins a year; in the Northern area of Australia and also one in the Southern areas. The next flyin that is going to be held is the Great Southern Flyin at Echuca over the Melbourne Cup weekend of the 3rd to the 6th of November. At our flyins we also have activities and competitions such as spot landing, blind circuits, Poker Run and more, trophies for best presented aircraft, furthest travelled etc. plus we have a Saturday Evening dinner and CASA presentation. Also for this event we are hoping to have presentation forums by guest speakers as well. A survey that was conducted after our Camden Haven Flyin which was held in June showed that whilst it was a huge success with everyone enjoying the event immensely, our flyins could be further improved by having aircraft stands by different aircraft manufacturers/importers.


I am therefore writing to you to ascertain any expression of interest that you may have in attending and establishing a stand at this great event. The sites that are available are limited but are FREE. Preliminary indications show that we are expecting a minimum of 50 aircraft to attend and this is before we have even commenced our advertising of the event so it is hoped to achieve aircraft numbers in the vicinity of 75+.


It would be great to see you and your aircraft on display at this next event so if you would like to attend please let me know at your earliest convenience.



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Invitations gone out so far to:


Cummins Spinners














Dova Skylark


will do more when I get home this evening



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More invites sent out to:






















Rotec Engines




Bolly props


Oh, and Flight Design (CTsw)



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  • 2 weeks later...

So far only the following aircraft people have responded positively but I will be doing a ring around over the next few days to ascertain who will be coming:


Skylark - possibly


Lanseair Aviation (Skyranger) - Yes


Rotec - probably not


Sports Aircraft Australia (CTsw) - Yes (they wouldn't dare say no to me 006_laugh.gif.0f7b82c13a0ec29502c5fb56c616f069.gif)




That is all I have heard back from at this stage that have indicated a yes or possibly so I will start chasing the others up




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And Ian, Garry is thinking about Echuca too. If my Cheetah isn't available by then he might let me fly his there. He can't make it, but he let me take it solo on Saturday and is thinking about letting me represent the company with it in Echuca.


It's pretty cool for me - he has only ever let one of his sons fly it solo. No-one else has been deemed worthy.


/activate chuffed mode



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