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Stuck In Bundaberg Q


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Hi Guy's


Two of our club members are trying to leave Bundaberg in our new J230. However the weather is not allowing them to escape.


Is anyone in Bundy with some local knowledge of the weather and how long it may hang round for!


Or even take the boy's for a bit of a local tour or something to pass the time!


They arrived there on Monday eve, due to depart Tue, have managed to go for a fly, however unable to get over the hills!




Cheer's Guy:sad:



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G'day...i recently got stuck up there myself...i planned to go inland but had to go coastal...theres low country on the coast all the way down to near newcastle, just a couple of ridges to get over...its a long way round but heaps of good scenery..Ya can cross over to the island from just south of caloundra to avoid brisbane and archerfield...


The weather there can stay for a while and considering its being caused by a monsunal low this may be the case...tell them to hug the coast and hop from strip to strip...maryburough isnt that far..


but, remember dont p[lay games with IMC...





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Hi, I too had problems late October. I found that the mobile worked well with ear-piece and phoned ahead Moree and Narromine. Had to back track to narrabri where an air contactor was in attendace permenantly. He used his storm scope or similar to find a break for me. I used fuel supply phone numbers.


Tell them to take a break and see the sights, the weather can last a while up there.





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By the looks of the radar today they are best on the ground.


Regards Geoff


Ooooops. Now how do I fix this layering issue Slarti?


OH well ......... Guy take my word for it, there look to be a few impediments today for a relaxing trip from Bundy to SA in a new aircraft.




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Didn't you know that none of us down this way worry about anything north of the border, except when the state of origin is on?


I was just looking at what a Bundy to SA trip would be facing and apart from a Monsoon Low and 2 lines of increasing thunderstorms, it all looks great.


Wouldn't be boring though.


And it is as hot as heck in western NSW ......... so once they clear the lines of Thunderstorms there will be 10 knot thermals to 15000 ft for the relaxing balance of the trip.


Regards Geoff



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Escaped Bundy/Stuck in St George


The boy's finally made it out of Bundy, last I heard they were going for Diranbandi, however they have made it to St George, now in flatter terrain, just as much weather, not as many rocks in the clouds though!


Great fun


Cheers Guy



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Home Sweet Home


Hi Geoff


The boys finally made it home on Thursday arvo about 4.30cssut, after staying the night in St George they departed on track for Bourke, however they made it to Diranbandi and felt it better on the ground.


Waiting, waiting,waiting, and then it cleared enough, they escaped Diran made it to Bourke then Broken Hill for a little more motion lotion, then home sweet home.


All in all it worked out very well. As the amount of not so nice weather after they had managed to escape out to blue skies was rather incredible to say the least. Think they are still having flooding challenges in Q!


The J230 is such a nice aircraft, by far the nicest Jab I have flown, how do you find yours Geoff? Hoping it is as good as this one. Assuming they are all much the same and we don't just have a freak! Good One!


Cheers Guy:clap:



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Thanks for the update Guy.


Glad they made it back OK. That is the type of trip that will be remembered fondly at BBQ's down the track.


And they broke the worst drought in memory. It's been a long time since a monsoonal low did what that one did. That was serious weather.


My 230 is still in the final stages of birth (I've started to dilate) and I look forward to having a chat about them both at your Jamestown Fly-In.


Regards Geoff



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