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Wood Suppliers Please!

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I just received the plans and manual from Light Miniature Aircraft in the USA for the 100% Scale J-3 Cub. This is a wood version. What I am interested to know is who in Australia supplies wood for Aircraft construction?


I would like to investigate different types of wood like Hoop pine compared to Spruce etc. Can anyone share their experiences with me and give me some contacts for wood suppliers.


Thank you in advance.





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Thanks Doug and Ian....a great start. They look like they can help. Ian, I will send you a PM to discuss about the Wicks gear. Anyone else have any wood suppliers here I would love to know.


regards Scotty:)



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I was reading through your previous posts and you were asking if anyone was building one in Australia or N/Z. By chance I spied a completed wood Cub fuse. frame in a builders shed yesterday, are you still chasing info for this project?





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Hi Tim...yes do tell!! I have the plans and was about to start building but have got to move in October. I am also having a hell of a time finding the right wood sawn the correct way here in Australia. Wicks Aircraft do a kit for this plane but I have found out the measurements given to them to make up the kit were wrong with the spars being too short. I dont want to import a kit and find the wood is wrong! Wood world in QLD may have it but I need to get up there to have a look at what they have. In the mean time I am wanting to get my Trike ticket and look for a secondhand Trike. I am on my way to Tamworth in October so will have a look out at Lake Keepit and see what is going on out there in the way of Trike flying.


Let me know what you have found.


Regards Scotty :big_grin:



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