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The Iraqi jet, an advanced Russian MiG-25 Foxbat, was found buried in the sand after an informant tipped off U.S. troops.











The MiG was dug out of a massive sand dune near the Al Taqqadum airfield by U.S Air Force recovery teams. The MiG was reportedly one of over two dozen Iraqi jets buried in the sand, like hidden treasure, waiting to be recovered at a later date. Contrary to what some in the major media have reported, not all the jets found were from the Gulf War era.






The Russian-made MiG-25 Foxbat being recovered by U.S. Air Force troops in the photos is an advanced reconnaissance version never before seen in the West and is equipped with sophisticated electronic warfare devices.











U.S. Air Force recovery teams had to use large earth-moving equipment to uncover the MiG, which is over 70 feet long and weighs nearly 25 tons.











The Foxbat is known to be one of Iraq's top jet fighters. The advanced electronic reconnaissance version found by the U.S. Air Force is currently in service with the Russian air force. The MiG is capable of flying at speeds of over 2,000 miles an hour, or three times the speed of sound, and at altitudes of over 75,000 feet.











The recovery of the advanced MiG fighter is considered to be an intelligence coup by the U.S. Air Force... The Foxbat may also be equipped with advanced Russian- and French-made electronics that were sold to Iraq during the 1990s in violation of a U.N. ban on arms sales to Baghdad.











The buried aircraft at Al Taqqadum were covered in camouflage netting, sealed and, in many cases, had their wings removed before being buried more than 10 feet beneath the Iraqi desert.











X Marks the Spot











The discovery of the buried Iraqi jet fighters illustrates the problem faced by U.S. inspection teams searching Iraq for weapons of mass destruction. Iraq is larger in size than California and the massive deserts south and west of Baghdad were used by Saddam Hussein to hide weapons during the first Gulf war.











U.S. intelligence sources have already uncovered several mass grave burial sites in the open deserts with an estimated 10,000 dead hidden there. In addition, Iraqpreviously hid SCUD missiles, chemical weapons and biological warheads b y burying them under the desert sand.











U.N. inspe ction teams found the weapons in the early 1990s after detailed information of the exact locations was obtained.











Top U.S. weapons inspector Dr. David Kay is known to favor human intelligence as the primary means to






find Iraq's hidden treasure trove of weapons and secrets.











While there are rumors of Iraqi chemical and biological weapons being shipped to nearby Syria, the weapons may very well still remain inside Iraq buried under the vast desert wastelands.











Some critics of the Bush administration have claimed that the inability of U.S. forces to uncover weapons of mass destruction is proof that the president misled the nation into the war with Iraq.






However, in recent days the critics have fallen silent as word quietly leaked from Iraq that major discoveries have already been made and are now being documented completely. Bush administration officials are keeping any such discoveries secret for the moment.
























For anyone lucky enough to get one, don't expect to cruise at 100 knots on 14 ltrs an hour.







































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No photos and the story sounds like a G.W Bush beatup. The fact that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and didn't use them, makes the Bush war just as much beat up as his not having them.


Given that a lot of people would have known of the whereabouts of any WMD the Yanks should have found them before now.



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Guest airsick

If you google this you will soon find that it is a combination of the truth and the not so truth.


The planes were real but the wonderful technology they contained was not.



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Guest dracer

funny thing is they say, it was found from a tip off, although my best mate in the SAS spent 2yrs over there and says the yanks and UN knew where everything was hidden. something tells me they 'uncover' things at random. to show there still needed and 'smart'





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The americans + hoWARd +blair are war criminals full stop. The war was a blatant smash and grab robbery of resources owned by the Iraqis. Whether or not hussain was a "baddy" doesn't come into it. Propaganda produced by such people should be treated with utter disdain. I believe in free speech and this is the opinion of me mathusala aka Don.



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Hey storchy neil, how goin' boy? Are you talking about sadams thousands of bodies or the us militaries 50,000 retreating iraqi military on the road to basra( some one in the military reportedly said," Like shooting fish in a goddamn barrell")? Mebee you are talking about the suspicious "men dressed in iraqi police uniforms? Reliable estimates put the total no of civilian dead in iraq at over 1,000,000 since invasion day ( they musta been beggin' for it). Regards, Don.



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I remember bush saying in one of his many speaches when he was trying to sell the war that we needed to liberate the iraqi people.


And that's the only reason he is there because he cares about these people!!!!





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