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GYFTS - an RA-Aus initiative


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At Natfly 2008, Recreational Aviation Australia Board Member launched a new program called GYFTS which is aimed at helping young people to experience the enjoyment of learning to fly.


GYFTS is an acronym for Giving Young people Flight Training Support.


This is an RA-Aus member-funded program. Each RA-Aus member is encouraged to donate as little as $2 per year and with over 8,500 members, the fund could support flight training for a number of young people every year.


For more information, contact Carol Richards.


Put your $2 coin where your passion is!!!! Help deserving young people learn to fly. Be a part of GYFTS.



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Hi Ian,


Well the thought of "great minds" I and a small group of interested people have started the exact same thing within St.John Ambulance in NSW for our cadets.


We currently have seven confirmed applicants and when we reach our funding target will be operating out of The Oaks to train all candidates for the pilots certificate and all endorsements as well as the Education Department approved Aviation Technology course and enrolling them in the basic aircraft construction course at Sydney University so they will be building a or maybe two Jab 160c's AND giving them the opportunity to enter University without an academic scour needed as entry. We also plan to point them to cadet pilots applications with the various airlines.


We are currently $200000 short of our $500000 but working on it. If anyone knows of some company/person that would sponsor us,I would be most grateful for the information.





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Scholarship at Ballarat


I have on offer a Scholarship of 10 hours dual training in a J160c, all necessary theory tuition, a BAK text book and pilots log book - FREE! (training to be conducted at Inbound Aviation at Ballarat, so you will need to live within travelling distance)


One only available and open to anyone under 18 years who has a genuine interest in an aviation (other conditions do apply, but it is a genuine offer and I have been contacting schools in my area already).


Great start for someone! (sorry about the lack of glitz with this offer - PM me for more info).



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