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A nice surprise

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I just turned over the Recreational Aviation mag that was delivered today and there she was.


My Cheetah!


What a lovely surprise. I just had to post here so you'd all go and look.


The Pacific Flyer people were very keen too. I might make 2 covers in 1 month.


What a hoot.


(Made the cover but no awards at Natfly? Techman - I'm going to have words with your father ;))




Pleased and proud,





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Guest Fred Bear

I must have got mine quite early. Quite a few days back and I was going to post but did not want to steal your thunder or whatever they say Ross. Well done and she looks great.



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Guest AusDarren

Congratulations! don't forget to buy 5 copies for your Mum..


Feel a little like DR Hook now?







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