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Mid Air in Sydney ? Any info.

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My Instructor taught me the same thing, :thumb_up: Ozzie. Experience is a wonderful thing. :thumb_up:


Tony - we now have the benefit of your (and others) years of experience available on these forums. 018_hug.gif.8f44196246785568c4ba31412287795a.gif Which make us all (that read it) much safer. :thumb_up: So a big thankyou to you, and a big thankyou to Ian. 011_clap.gif.c796ec930025ef6b94efb6b089d30b16.gif011_clap.gif.8adfe837b4189ee6622bf4917d6a88c0.gif







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Keeping to the right of any features on the ground is an old trick and especially useful if you are tracking along the coast. To take it a bit further maybe we should fly low wing aircraft a bit below recommended height and high wing a bit above.



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I reckon a second call is whats needed.. I mean, instead of evryone meeting up over the top of a 1 meter wide radio mast (2RN) perhaps a an "inbound to the reporting point" call.. Perhaps on the area freq or a dedicated freq..


The training area at camden is shared by bankstown and let me tell you it gets incredibly busy.. Its normal to see half a dozen acft in the same airspace all doing random manouvers.. same airspace meaning within a few miles, and at varying alt's.


So a call on a dedicated channel that you are inbound to 2RN (with eta) could help guys organise arriving with better seperation.. Then once over the reporting point switch to bankstown and report inbound..



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The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) final report on the Cessna 152/Liberty Aerospace XL-2 at Casula, NSW in 2008 is now out




What surprised me in trying to find this original link is that we have 13 PAGES of accident and incident threads since then.



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