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RA-Aus membership at 11 January 2010


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January 14, 2010: RA-Aus membership at 11 January 2010




Student and pilot memberswith no PC endorsements


Pilot members withPC endorsements


Non-flying members


Total members


ACT 38 95 2 135 NSW 786 1554 48 2388 NT 54 85 2 141 Qld 741 1615 42 2398 SA 355 670 13 1038 Tas 81 177 3 261 Vic 724 1413 39 2176 WA 206 370 13 589 O'seas 13 47 0 60 Total 2998 6026 162 9186


Not included in the above table of 'Ordinary Members' are 12 non-voting Junior Members — a new category for this year of pre-solo student pilots who are under 15 years old.


The total, including those non-voting juniors, is 9198, which is up 9.5% from the 8400 at December 31 2008. The corresponding increase in 2008 over 2007 was 8%. The ratio of total members to registered aircraft hovered around 2.5:1 for some years but it has been drifting up during the last few years and is now 3.1:1. However, the ratio of Pilot Certificate holders with endorsements to registered aircraft is probably more meaningful; this is currently 2.0:1.


(Note: the RA-Aus Constitution allows — to deserving individuals — the reward of life membership or honorary membership; there are currently about twelve such appointments. Such members are not entitled to vote. In addition recreational pilots visiting Australia may take up free 28-day temporary membership; in January 2010 there were 27 visitors representing around 15 nations.)


... JB



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Guest basscheffers
Qld is in the lead!

In the interest of lies, damn lies and statistics, I refute the claim! The only thing that counts is number of pilots by population. In that regards, South Australia (followed closely the NT) wins hands down; Qld is way down in 3rd.

Screenshot attached as I am too lazy to edit an HTML table!





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