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Deniliquin and Bendigo fuel


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Slarti I think the fuel at Deni is now only a mobile tanker and may or not be available.


Echuca on the other hand will come and fuel you. If there's no one there, our phone numbers are on the fuel shed. No call out fee.


Currently 1.70 per liter





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I'm planning refueling stops at Deniliquin and Bendigo this weekend. Can anyone confirm that 24hr card swipe Avgas is available at both airports still?With the rate they're been withdrawn I thought I'd check that the latest ERSA isn't out of date already.


G'day Ross


Wish I had have seen your question on the 22nd but only looked on site last night for new posts,


I'm from Deni and the Shell bowsers have been removed,


I think that Aero Refuellers ( I think that is their name) will put a site in one day but at the moment they have a refuelling truck here.


Also our dirt strip 12/30 been extended across 06/24, the threshold of 24 has been moved to taxi way entrance and some of the larger aircraft needed the extra distance to take off.


How did your trip go, did you end up landing at Deni?







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Thanks Bruce.


I had an awesome trip thanks. Finally got to fly to my Dad's hometown (Hopetoun) and see my poor frail Gran who no longer recognises her own children, let alone me. Then down to Bendigo where I had a fantastic roast with my Dad and 6 of my favourite Aunties and Uncles (one of whom flies a trike and 2 others are great friends with forum member Wayne - who unfortunately was away).


I had 45 knot headwinds in the morning until I got past the ranges, so I stopped in Yarrawonga for fuel. Their bowser has been ripped out too, but they have a truck and the guy was handy.


I'll drop in to Deni another time.





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Ross sounds like you had a great time, would be great to see that plane of yours, looks good.


Doing the last of my navs next Saturday, so I should be able to be let loose sometime in the near future.


Thinking doing a small Nav from Deni - Kerang - Hopetoun - Sea Lake - Deni sometime just to get a bit of experience.


Been training in a Jab 160 from Tocumwal most Saturdays.


A few of us are going to Pooncarie in March, I might take the jab, see what happens, will definitely put up a post of that trip here.


So far 3 GA and 3 RAA planes going.







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Shell have really given us the bum's rush. Bowsers have been taken out all over including Parafield.


Some airport owners aren't helping, either. I usually get my fuel at Locksley where both avgas and mogas are on tap but no-one was home on Boxing Day and I went over to Mangalore where my BP carnet worked fine but I had to put $9.50 in the honesty box for the landing fee. I could only take on about 40 litres so it made it a very expensive drop.





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