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Drifter Aviator


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Thanks for the welcome, and your right,I wont be showing up on your doorstep in


my Drifter,but...If I could ever make it to Aussie land, it would be a must, to see


some of your remarkable country in a begged or borrowed Drifter from down under.


Also I am thrilled to see people are still enjoying this great design and enjoying the


view from the Catbird seat...



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Guest Maj Millard

Eddie O, What do you use them for down there, shootin' Gators !?....the Drifter has been very popular here in Australia for many years. We have some early imported 'Maxair' models, and many Aussie built Drifters both wire and strut braced models. Many are beefed up big time so they can handle training. They continue to be popular here for both training and private use........................ Maj...024_cool.gif.7a88a3168ebd868f5549631161e2b369.gif



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fed up with the notice to introduce myself hoping the notice will go away now, Hi to any real aviators you know you fly a Drifter.102_wasnt_me.gif.b4992218d6a9d117d3ea68a818d37d57.gif

G'day C722352 and EddieO, not forgetting our Maj Millard who is already well known to us.


A big welcome guys, you'll love this site. We look forward to hearing more from you.


Apart from others here, there's a top guy on this site, who goes by the name of Drifter Driver who also suffers from your complaint, his love for Drifters. He seen the doctor about it, but the doc reckons he's beyond help. lol :) maybe you're the same.


Kind regards





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Welcome c722352,I used to be a 'real aviator' some time ago but now fly a Thruster. I look forward to your posts.



Pud there is hope for you yet that you will come back to the fold



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Did a bit of time in a Drifter last year doing the normal bunch of endorcements (TW,LP,2S,LL) and enjoyed it so much purchased a Fisher 912...waiting delivery currently.That would be called a Super Drifter in USA, but wire/not strut braced.


Don't know how much use it will get on the Darling Downs during winter with other HEATER equiped aircraft in the hanger, but can hardly wait to have it for the "low and slow" flights when a bit above brass monkey temperature.



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