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Can dogs fly???


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Guest Sharp End

Use an approved pet travel cage strapped into the luggage compartment and you'll be fine. You can get them at Australian Air Express depots at major city airports. From memory, about $60 for a small, $80 for a medium and $100 for a large.





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Guest Howard Hughes
256A Carriage of animals

(1)Subject to subregulation (8), the operator of an aircraft may permit a live animal to be in the aircraft only if:


(a) the animal is in a container and is carried in accordance with this regulation; or


(b) the animal is carried with the written permission of CASA and in accordance with any conditions specified in the permission.


Penalty: 25 penalty units.


(1A) An offence against subregulation (1) is an offence of strict liability.


Note For strict liability, see section 6.1 of the Criminal Code.


(2)Subregulation (1) does not apply to a dog accompanying a visually impaired or hearing impaired person as a guide or an assistant if the dog is:


(a) carried in the passenger cabin of the aircraft; and


(b) placed on a moisture‑absorbent mat as near to the person as practicable; and


© restrained in a way that will prevent the dog from moving from the mat.


(3)More than one animal must not be kept in the same container if doing so would be likely to affect adversely the safety of the aircraft.


(4)A container must be so constructed that:


(a) an animal kept in the container cannot escape from the container; and


(b) any water or excreta in the container is not likely to escape from the container in normal flying conditions; and


© the container will withstand being damaged in a way that may allow an animal, or water or excreta, in the container to escape.


(5) A container in which an animal is kept must not be in the passenger cabin of an aircraft.




(a) an animal is carried in an aircraft in a container; and


(b) if the animal is not restrained it could move around inside the container in a way that may alter the distribution of the load of the aircraft; and


© the safety of the aircraft may be affected adversely by that movement;


the animal must be restrained in the container to prevent that movement.


(7)The means of restraint must be strong enough to withstand being damaged in a way that may allow the animal to escape.


(8)An animal must not be carried on an aircraft if carrying the animal would be likely to affect a person on the aircraft in a way that may affect adversely the safety of the aircraft.


(9)In this regulation, animal means any member of the animal kingdom other than man.

The short answer is yes!:thumb_up:

PS: I have bolded the relevant points.



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See Dogs in aeroplanes by Kaz in Gen Discussion forum (don't know how to link to it) as this is a good discussion on the issues of taking your dog. Requires CASA permit & $$s. Also be kind to your best friend - use muttmuffs to protect their sensitive hearing. That big brown Vizsla flew everywhere with me and seemed to lay down and "sleep" until I discovered this was his way of coping with uncomfortable noise levels - I had my gel seal David Clarks and I still ended up with ringing in the ears. Some airports won't let you take the dog airside, even in a harness and leash for fear that they will get loose and trip up something expensive.


The big boy loved flying and would load himself way before it was time to go even in heat over 45 C, so I got smart, preflighted, parked at the gate and then got him. If he knew the plane might go out he got all excited. He went to doggie heaven in August, but I would have another Vizsla (pronounced Veesh-la) any time, but the boss is still grieving over his labrador who went 16 days before mine and can't face having another one we might lose. The three died of old age in under 5 months - was not a happy house for a while.


When I have a pup I take it out to the strip (back before all this security stuff) and teach him what to do around planes. Never to approach the front where the prop might be moving, not to fang the twitching fuel line, always approach and load from the rear of the aircraft, not to go away from me no matter what the antics of friends or hares & roos (that was the hard part - they are hunters and curious). All this paid off in a well behaved passenger.


Good luck with your dog





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Guest Howard Hughes
I've seen doggles (Dog goggles) but not whatever the heck you'd call a dog headset. And I don't fancy trying to fit earplugs in the dog's ears.

As Flying Vizsla eluded to, 'mutt muffs' are the answer...:thumb_up:


Please whatever you do, don't have your dog unrestrained on the front seat, like some of the pictures of our American cousins!




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Guest drizzt1978

(9)In this regulation, animal means any member of the animal kingdom other than man.




Ohh thats good, would a tiger fit in a 230???








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Thanks for the info crew - my remaining concern is in the restraint area, and how that best works. But I think the thoughts/info above has mostly covered it off. Certainly don't want to get up there with a dog that can in anyway access the controls...


Fetch the stick?!!



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Guest ozzie

Wonder what they use the money from the permit to take your mutt for a fly? Xmas party fund? What a ripoff. Who do they throw in the slammer if you don't have one. You or the mutt.



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Is that copy of the regulations actually the current one? It looks to me like the proposed changed one. But anyway it is what we can expect.



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Hey all,A question from left field.... Are there any restrictions/rules to having dogs in the plane during flights around australia? :mulie:

Maybe 'flying vizla' might have an answer?





Hi Chris


I see that Howie has posted the reg already. In simple terms you can't carry your dog in the cabin with you unless it is a guide dog or you have written permission from CASA.


I have written permission - cost me $160 - to carry my Kelpie, Mandy on the condition she sits on an absorbent pad and she wears a safety harness to prevent her becoming a nuisance or even a projectile in the event of a sudden stop. She also wears Mutt Muffs to protect her hearing.


If I could work out how to insert a photo, I'd put one here





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The Savannah XL Bushmaster includes -


VHF and UHF Radio interfaced with the intercom system.


Tundra Tyres.


Air horn mounted under fuselage.003_cheezy_grin.gif.c5a94fc2937f61b556d8146a1bc97ef8.gif


2off dog harnesses.


Canvas seat covers.


Rubber floor mats.


Mounted tool box.


Fly without the doors.


Fly for up to 8hs plus reserve with Low Fuel warning light.


Carry up to 260Kg when increase approved.


Only RAA licence required. Only drivers licence medical required.



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