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  1. Can anyone advise as to whether or not trike hire is available in Australia?
  2. Maybe climate change is now causing these crashes you know the drought and all that?
  3. You would not have to be very bright to work out the low flying I was talking about was not take off and landing.
  4. I think most pilots know that low flying is dangerous but they still choose to do it. I talked to a bloke with who flew in a dangerous manner and he said he was just having fun and I said yeah but you are dead a long time. Now he's dead, it's all a part of evolution, most times you can't change it.
  5. And that sums it up for the beat-ups doesn't matter how good you think you are.
  6. I think something more than the pilot landed short has happened to cause this. I can't see how anyone flying that plane could not work out they going to be short and fail to do something about it. Watching it again looks/sounds like they put the power on a bit and then messed up the landing maybe this pilot needs to go back flight school?
  7. Why I always did glide approaches. Which in turn is how I survived a lot of engine failures (probably about 20).
  8. Probably better to do a flight plan. Do people even do that anymore? If someone needs Oz-Runways to tell them when they will run out daylight they should not leave the circuit area.
  9. It's not hard to imagine GPS and glass cockpit might be miss used in some cases. I wouldn't be surprised if RAAus is coming to grips with this right now.
  10. Can't help but think as good as that looks it might give some people a false sense of security. I really don't think that would be a great back up plan.
  11. Thanks for that can't explain how I got confused about that.
  12. Yes I understand where you are coming from I started flying in the eighties.
  13. Thanks guys will have to look at this on the big screen.
  14. I am a bit out of touch with this can a glass cockpit include things such as AH, HI and GPS? If so are these being found in RAAus aircraft?
  15. For me this changes things, big impact no fire. Two flying at night wouldn't want to be trying to explain that one to the investigators.
  16. I think it has more to do with self disipline than training if people can't work out not to fly in the dark they shouldn't be flying. Gethereitus is deadly.
  17. Yes that one was bad luck but he still survived so I think he got it right.
  18. I don't get it, I ran out of daylight once due to poor planning and complications, we finished up in a paddock while there was still enough light to do so. I only did that once. This is the second time two people have died doing this that I know of. It's like people think it can't happen to them she'll be right mate we'll manage some how.
  19. This appears to be the height of stupidity going on the reports. Wouldn't want to be that pilot.
  20. How dare you have an opinion about Trump that is not bad! Shame on you! Everybody knows the best bet was Hillary??
  21. All good for Jabiru, failure not the fault of the engine and pilot friendly airframe. Don't know why I thought I could believe the media. Silly in hindsight.
  22. That would change the whole thing. I guess relying on news reports is a waste of time. With so little known about the event speculating would also seem to be a waste of time.
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