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CLEAR PROP SPECIAL!!!! flight bag - large deluxe???

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Hello everyone, 098_welcome.gif.81ff07d492568199326e4f64f78d7bc6.gif to the thread


I have been in the market for a pilot bag for quite some time but havent purchased one yet, I wont bother you with the reasons. 068_angry.gif.cc43c1d4bb0cee77bfbafb87fd434239.gif


What I was wondering is:


is the flight bag from flightline strong and sturdy?


I already know its a fantastic price thanks to Ian and the clear prop shop, but price is of little concern.


The site has its measurements but what I would like to know is what it is capable of carrying if anyone out there in sky land has one.


on training navs and in future flights I want to carry:


spare headset or 2 for others flying with me.


backup radio.


all maps not just appropriate maps so I know where they all are.




VFR guide.


clip board for when on the ground.


bottle of water, phone, keys, wallet, sunglasses.


potentially the AIP so I have it on hand.


oh and in the future probably a mini notebook for a multitude of reasons.


while I want lots of room I dont want it to big but I would like a bit of space.


One bag I was looking at that looks very smart compact and full of space is the brightline bag: BrightLine Bags: Buy Flight Bags, Pilot Bags, Aviation Bags, For sale, California. :score007:to and :score008: is what I would give the brightline on looks alone.


So if anyone has any info and would like to help it would be greatly appreciated.


Thankyou in advance.





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Sorry Jay can't offer too much info on the bag...but at that I price... I HAD TO BUY ONE!!! Hopefully I'll have mine in the next day or two and can advise.


My wife really loves the Clear Prop Daily Special!!!! :raise_eyebrow:


Keep em coming Ian :thumb_up:



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Thats ok but thanks for the reply Relfy.


and it would be great if you could post up a bit of a review.


I to love the clear prop specials and have taken many advantages of them I think there fantastic...


I would love to buy it for the price but then hate for it to be to big or to small and then have to spend more money on another bag,







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Hi Jay.


I've got the medium one which will be on special soon.


I'd say it will fit what you want in it.


I give a big thumbs up. It has lots of compartments, a big main one, well put together and strong. I carry all sorts of crap in it, and still have room when I need to add more.


One of the compartments always has at least 25 WACs, VNCs and VTCs, wizz wheel, ruler, spare GPS and other nav gear, but will still zip closed and keep it all secure. There's a bunch of other pockets left.


The main bit always has the ERSA, AOPA guide, knee board and other stuff, but still has lots more room.





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