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  1. If you are a Texan 550 owner interested in joining an owners group please email me [email protected]
  2. Lol.. not at all. Just to clear up a few things.. its a service that provides hyperlinks to the many documents required to ensure compliance. We don't see or want your log books. We provide you the information to do it yourself. If you've ever researched every document that you may need to check to ensure compliance, CAO's SBs, etc you'll appreciate its a lot of work.. hours in fact for some aircraft. By keeping all this data for each aircraft on a database, its a matter of loading the data appropriate to your aircraft and topping it up with latest revisions from web sites before dispat
  3. Safety Thought.. How confident are you that you really do know the actual Empty Weight of your aircraft? Since important calculations and loading decisions originate from this critical weight, its vital to know what it actually is. Is the empty weight in the POH correct? Do you trust that the weight stated at time of CofA must be correct just because it couldn't possibly be wrong, given all the measures in place to prevent any such errors? If you are reading between the lines you may be in for a shock. Trust but Verify.
  4. At risk of being shot down in forum flames.. I'd at least be checking with Jabiru that the 600Kg Fwd limit is not a typo in the POH. If I were a fit trim solo pilot who hadn't have a big breakfast, and found myself in an 'out of fuel' scenario, from my calcs I'd want to see Fwd COG limit not more than 195mm (19.7% MAC) in order to be able to land slowly and safely. I don't know the Jab, and am working from info in POH V4 Feb 20 and guessed the fuel arm, The thread is very interesting, and whatever the answer is, it's a good spot, a great question and a good exercise to go through anyway.
  5. No problem - I've made it into a PDF for you. Please return privately to [email protected] Cheers Manufacturer Survey.pdf
  6. We are interested to know the best and the least helpful experiences you've had with your aircraft manufacturer. This is a very short survey. If you are the 24th or the 100th person to complete the form, we'll send you $100. Manufacturer Survey Thanks Stuart
  7. Mate.. you are entitled to your opinion but please contain yourself to known facts before slamming our service. BreezyLog is far removed from WordPress and the BreezyLog records system security exceeds all the security requirements required of it. No one is forcing you to do anything and I feel that your negativity serves no useful purpose to anyone if it's totally unfounded. A mistake was made on another web site and it was rectified. I'm sorry we are unable to assist you and I thank you again for alerting us. I'm not commenting further on this. Regards, Stuart.
  8. Hi KRviator.. Thank you for this alert. I'm very new to WordPress, and have only recently created our FSS pages, and, hands up! the word-press admin password was not really that great and we were quickly high-jacked! I've also just learned, thanks to your timely alert, that word-press is highly susceptible to hacking if long admin passwords (12 digits plus) are not used. Lesson Learnt. Who is Stuart Erskine? Well that's me.. please feel free to call me on 0407 243001 if you prefer to. Anyone knowing me or any of the Flight Safety Solutions / BreezyLog team, would have realised this inci
  9. Has anyone made this Skyfox maintenance manual available? I'm looking for a copy. Thanks in advance.
  10. I realise this thread is quite old now, but I was quoted $1300 for a 100 hourly on my LSA one year ago. It ended up costing near 4K. Long story. Since then I've gained L1 and L2 and do 912's by the Maintenance Manual. I'm appalled by the comment that it takes 10 plus 5 plus 30 mins, but I'm probably not allowed to say that. I'll happily spend a whole day on a 912 200 hr service, whilst that may not be cost effective, it's a matter of personal satisfation and a smooth running clean engine at the end of that day. What is a full 912 L2 200 hr service worth these days? My guess, probably ar
  11. Hi. Can anyone tell me if there is an existing group for Fly Synthesis Texan owners please?
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