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    Hi everyone, I'm after some KFM112M engine parts. Cylinders, pistons, carb, whole engine, anything really. Hope someone can help. Cheers. Skelly


  2. Here is my original stator that got lost in the post with the brand new one. the original one turned up 6 weeks later... Thanks UPS.
  3. @facthunter The generator was from Ducati Energia which, strangely is nothing to do with Ducati Motorcycles, it is now called Ducati Electronica. Its the internal rotor type so is the same as early monsters, 900SS, Moto Guzzi California, Le Mans etc. While on the subject of electrical things, my ignition system is a dual Leberg which apparently is very good. Cheers, Skelly.
  4. Still looking for engine bits. I have discovered that the alternator is off a Ducati motorcycle. Skelly.
  5. @farriThanks, I have sent you a message on facebook, @pylon500Wow, never heard that one, I am in touch with some people at IAME, I will ask and check. I wonder what it would cost to ship a Kitfox from Oz to Blighty...
  6. @Russty Good to see someone else using a KFM engine. I have a kitfox mk2 with a KFM112M. How do you get on with your engine ? Do you know where I can find any spares ? Cheers. Skelly.
  7. Hi Nev, The rods have no offset, they are pretty short too. The opposing cylinders are staggered by the thickness of a rod plus the bit of crank between them. Yes, only 3 main brgs and direct drive. I can imagine its a pain to replace valve seats as they are right at the end of the cylinder, Putting them should be easy but taking them out looks like a challenge. Luckily its something I don't need to do anytime soon. I must say I like the way the engine has no oil pick up pipe to vibrate and snap off, its cast into the crankcase instead. Skelly.
  8. Welcome, I'm new too, this place seems pretty cool. Skelly.
  9. Dude, Check yer messages.. Skelly.
  10. @coinz Are you still running the KFM engine ? Cheers, Skelly.
  11. This is interesting, I wonder if Peter is still flying the KFM engine, A/C looks great. Skelly.
  12. Well that worked well.. Lets try again. Here is a photo of the crankpin arrangement. You can see that both pistons are at TDC. Cheers. Skelly.
  13. Hi Guys, Firstly @Thruster88 thanks for the photo, got any more ? Now.. the KFM112 has offset crank pins and 3 main brgs. So for example on any pair of opposing cylinders both pistons travel outwards and inwards at the same time due to the crank pins being 180 degrees from each other. This results in a very well balanced engine. One side of cylinders is set back by around 30mm from the other side. Hope this helps. Skelly.
  14. Hi Loopy, How cool is that.. I have a whole load of boring questions to fire at you regarding this engine. I think I will send them in a private message as this thread will run the risk of drifting off into engine tech land. Hope that's ok, Cheers. Skelly.
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