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  1. No ,but someone else is,i found the Pup a little cramped.Sold it with spare motor.They are around,in hangers,sheds.Best thing is advertise under "wanted". cheers
  2. I've seen aircooled engs go from heavy oil usage to negligible by fitting a good modern ring package,and my series one 3300 i would say uses too much oil,so would be interested in a set of quality rings,care to share any information? cheers colin
  3. My 230 is a 230B and i have the specific manual to suit,not sure of the difference to the 230C though,possibly throttle as mine only has the single throttle and had a basic flaw in the idle stop mechanism which could cause (and did) engine cutouts on finals.Cable runs right around front left side of engine and back to the carb.I see later model changed that. BEW 350 kg. colin
  4. So what am i missing here?fair enough speed would be up but why has fuel usage gone up at 9000ft?
  5. The colour of my chinese 4 stroke mower plugs is textbook perfect light tan,using the same fuel as the Jab.
  6. I run my 3300A on 98,after modding the ducts it ran at a too cool 245F as i realized after 30 hours plugs were always black even after repeated cleaning,did some carb tuning ended up dropping the needle and changing out the main jet temps have risen to 255F,after 2 oil changes using Camgaurd am going to W100+ as recommended here, the thing i don't get is why did Jab changed out all those cylinder heads seems like a lot of expense,when i could simply redo my ducts and end up with a motor that ran "too" cool? Ducts,cut horizontally,lifted 15 at front,30mm at rear,extended at rear i can sq
  7. Aeropup (SA) was sold to someone who started building them at Gympie,he had some fuse's build-up in his hanger when i visited. He was advertising them in USD with if i recall correctly the Camit engine included.What became of it i don't know, cheers colin
  8. I'm with you 100%,a dropped valve is my biggest concern,and i'm only new to Jabirus and that has been brought on only through reading about that issue,and through personal experience with overly hot engines testing design limits. Anyone know what uncowled radials run CHT wise,must have been pretty cool at high altitude,in minus temps. cheers colin
  9. Probably no doubt mixture control would be an improvement but as Nev alluded too,who would know what's best for a Jab.The bottom of my 230's Fuse quickly browns after cleaning,i don't know if it's oil or rich mixture but it would be good to know it's not running too rich.The auto mixture is good,and easy to see why it was fitted for Recreational flyers but surely manual mixture control by somebody competent is superior. cheers colin
  10. Yes i agree with the American HD's being affected too,i bought a new '86 evolution new,cruising back from Fitzroy crossing at 140k's arrived at Karratha with a ticking noise from the rear cylinder,which it had from then on.This is probably what Bruce is experiencing,radiated hot air flow heating rear cylinder,i suggested he try increasing air flow that side but he was more into equalizing Ram air pressures,ie increasing pressure LHS to experience a cooling effect.
  11. 105C at cruise is about what i see after a straight in approach and rolling out,at those temps i would imagine most all problems with Jab valves and heads would never have occurred,and they may have gone on to rule the Recreational engine market. Too high temps was the dirth of British motorbikes,i'll always remember back in the 80's while working in the Pilbara being told that "british bikes can't handle the heat up here and just burn up",seems Jabiru are the same and it's pretty easy to overcome. Keenaviator,do you have individual CHT probes fitted? colin
  12. Yes,and i would be thinking of air exiting the ram duct,at the rear.I would be thinking lowering the pressure of the LHS even more,are you able to lift the rear of the duct 5 or so mm,to help more air flow into the front of the duct,thru less resistance at the rear. colin
  13. I use Caltex 98 in my Jab,only because i usually top up the SUV at the same time i fill the jerry cans.For some time every time i used Shell diesel the motor developed a rattle (diesel rattle) and i'm talking some years that went on,if i filled with Caltex over a couple of tanks the engine would smooth out, back to shell and the rattle would reappear,am i going mad or is there something behind this ??
  14. Plug leads ended up inside my Ramair ducts was not initially planned,but these early ducts were very restrictive to airflow over the top 6 fins, compared to D model, i wanted to keep them outside but the 90 deg spark plug caps ($146 for new set) were too short,so i routed them the same as the later model . I would have used longer straight caps but they would have needed complicated sealing on an angle and removal would be near impossible ,i imagine that would be an issue to be solved, Paul .
  15. I've just done the opposite on my early ducts,cruise temps were 310F,so after some discussion decided to do some mods,now leads are inside like the later D model and cruise temps immediately dropped to 245F and been like that for 6 months.Interesting comments about the leads sitting on the hot fins,will take a look and see if they can be held up out of the way. cheers colin
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