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  8. Hi Guys, If I could add my small piece. I am no mathamatician, but, 20 years ago one of my aircraft tied down with 1/2 inch nylon rope from the top of each wing strutt anchored to two 12" square concrete blocks, 18"s long buried into the ground, pulled those two blocks clean out of the ground and proceeded to cartwheel down the strip 30 mtrs, crossing a fence and hitting a clump of trees, smashing four feet off one wing, breaking the nose leg, and one blade of the prop, all with the two blocks still attached. No one was on site during this event, so we dont have any idea of wind speed, but mus
  9. Yes, one Yes, one of note would be Boonah. There is a rec flying school there, gliding club and numerous hangers. Nigel Arnot also has his facilities there.
  10. Hi Marwil, Have you had any luck in getting info about your Shadow. Give me a call on 0402107927 and I will assist with what I can. Regards dave.
  11. Hi Marwil, I am the previous owner of 19-0917, and can enlighten you on most of the details of the Shadow. I have a second one that I am currently rebuilding. I have a feeling that I stillbhave some copies of the relevent paperwork of your aircraft. The log books should have been supplied with the aircraft upon sale, and are required for continued complience for registration. If you would like some assistance, visit "tp21.net" for contact details. I would be happy to help. Regards Dave.
  12. Hi Marwil, My appologies, but haven't been on for several months. Yes, I did own 19.0917. You can contact me at 0402107927. Regards Dave.
  13. Hey Huggy, Maybe we should'nt have sold you that bird, I'm just wondering what is going to happen when you get your ticket. We won't see you for clouds. Will have to call you Biggles mate. Just havin fun. Will call you on the weekend about the panel and delivery. Cheers. Dave.
  14. Hi all, I am the previous owner and I can tell you categorically that this Jabiru does not run hot at all and never has. The amount of cooling available ensures ample cooling on hot days even in a good climb, and can be too efficient in cold weather. I have two high density plugs for the intakes for winter. The temps marked are easily abided by. Regards Dave.
  15. Hi yogasri, havent been for months, work and life in general. I own two streak shadows, and know a little about them, so if you have any questions, let me know and I will try to answer them. As for the landing gear, one of our Shadows was built about 1994, and still has the original landing gear. It has over 750 hours on it and a couple thousand landings, and still ok. The other has a glass gear fitted, and stands much higher than original. This gives excellent ground clearance and stance as it is 2 mitres wide, and from a local manufacturer (Qld). One shadow can be seen at "tp21.net" members
  16. Thanks for the assistance. Much Appreciated.
  17. Hey Guys, Where do you start new forum threads? Thanks Dave.
  18. Hey Gerry, If I could put in my two bobs worth. I have no problems with transmission or receiving signal, and as we both have the same type suggest you either mount aerial either side of tail boom on metal ground plane under skin, in wing root center section, or at 45* downward facing forward from nose cone allowing enough clearance for turf under nose. I have used both and found works well. I now have a UHF antenna in the under nose position as it seems to work best for UHF as most stations I communicate with are on the ground. With the aerial standing vertical for VHF works well and whether
  19. [medio=full]215[/medio]
  20. Hey Mr Badger, did you resolve the radiator issu, and if so how?
  21. Still looking for a hanger at airfield or even private property in South East Qld. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for your time, and Safe Flying, Dave.
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