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  1. Aircraft propellors and Spares will supply all parts for cable manufacture as well as make them for you with release notes aswell.
  2. Call into Clifton which is 60 km south of Toowoomba as they have a good club atmosphere , operate a lot of RAAus aircraft and their instructor is every wanting to fly and show off the district. They have MSO stop over caravan facilities as well. Also they have a big fly in there coming up un the 8th March this year, an event not to be missed. 2020 Fly-in Flyer Colour by Trevor - 12 Feb 2020.doc
  3. I have had both eyes done for cateracts. I could not drive for two days and was back flying in less than a week. Work wise i would suggest taking a week off per eye for safety.
  4. rhysmcc, Marks comments in the Feb or March magazine and the latest in the April magazine has been reflected in Major Millards comments and looks to be a good way forward for the board to be considering. That is some of the forward planning that is required. SAAA appears to have done it well, so why shouldn't we? Starting to move in the right direction - agree that is the way it appears and from what I am seeing and reading will continue forward and ever upward. As mentioned in another thread we have to move forward with discussions with other associations and have those board members
  5. I have personally met Mark a few times and I always found him extremely helpful to all and sundry. I do remember him telling me early in his tenure that he would do his best for RAAus and re-evaluate his position after twelve months. It would appear that this is what has happened now. Feed back from many is that he worked very long hours each day for weeks on end. A task as big as RAAus, as he inherited ,was definately one that would challenge anyone. Mark took it on face value, did a very good job, sorted out a number of serious matters affecting the membership and leaves the job in a very
  6. Don, My Class 2 medical don't cost too much. Going back 4 years ago it was $120 for the doctor and $ 75 fort CASA. Two years ago it was $145 for the doctor and $ 75 for CASA. No problems though, just a standard 1 hour medical.
  7. Very well done and presented. Overall these thoughts indicate a lot of inputs from many members collectively, and includes the reform and constitutional committee. Lets get behind these motions and have them passed. Send in your proxy form to help achieve this. The more proxies obtained the stronger the vote will indicate that you the membership does really care about our association
  8. The only way to go. Save heaps on postage costs and staff costs.
  9. I have had a goiod study of the Constitution and how these amendments fit in to the overall scheme of the changes. These changes, as Andy at Coffs has said, have been discussed with the Constitutional Review and Reform committees , they have made some amendments and points for inclusion which have been effected in these proposals. The proposals have effectively been submitted without any real objection from these committees. Since these two bodies ( now one) have agreed and also made suggestions to these amendments, this is an overarching first change that will ultimately help them in th
  10. Great to see that Michael Monck (airsick) is running for the board in NSW. I got a magazine today for July with all the board nominations and read all about Michael. He reads like someone who has the knowledge of good governance and drive to make things happen on the Board and keep the other board members honest and on their toes. This is the member we want there. Put in your voting slips and have your say. This year, perhaps more than any other we want you to put your vote in for the new members. We don't need old board members reelected, we need new, very active blood. He has demonstr
  11. The 5:5 issue was on just one particular issue from what I have read here. It does not man that it will happen again. Also if someone does not vote on a matter, then the figures become un-evan again.
  12. Gnarly Gnu, your comments of "A couple of these even got voted into office some time back and turned out to be duds, they promptly bailed out a few months after the election achieving nothing but wasting everyone's time. Others opinions will differ of course, especially the vocalists! ". From what have seen over a long time in RAA is people putting their hands up to assist the board and or go on the board. Your idea of some getting there then "bailing out" would seem to be a little over the top, especially in one case last year when the President sent a personal email to all board members t
  13. Hi Tillmanr, I note your interest at helping in Canberra. I don't know where you live but get onto the new incoming board members and ask them to pass on your details. The July magazine should have a list of the nominated members
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