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  1. barryco

    Flying mate

    I live in the Inner West in Sydney.....
  2. barryco

    Flying mate

    I'd like to buy a plane but that won't happen any time soon due to resistance on the domestic front, so am left to hire them. My email is to see if I can find someone who might like to hire them with me.......
  3. barryco

    Flying mate

    I have recently completed my cross-country certification and am at around 60 hours time all up, all in Jabirus I want to start building hours and doing longer flights and am looking for someone who might be interested in doing the same and share costs and experiences. I fly out of The Oaks so locations like Wedderburn or Wollongong would work...the idea is to find a like-minded pilot where we can share the navigation and planning tasks and learn from each other as well as get double the time in the air even if only flying half the legs. Anyone interested? Cheers Barry
  4. barryco

    Getting licence HOURS?

    16 to solo....26 to RPC All at one school and like others, tried to go every weekend......
  5. I had some prescription glasses made that have a focal range in the lower half that provide perfect focus on the panel and my lap and are allegedly clear in the top half. I have very good sight at long distance....just up close and in poor light I have an issue. "old man syndrome" my wife would call it....... Not bifocal in the sense they don't have a line across the lens....some type of progressive I think. They also have the auto-tint capability so serve as sun glasses and adjust the tint to the light level. All very good in theory. What I found in practice is that they are fine for the up close bit but for the long distance it feels like peeping through a letter box slot. There is something about them that just doesn't give me the natural long distance view I have without the glasses....somewhat distorted. I won't wear them during landings for example. So, I am considering other options. Can't help thinking that the "even older old man" type of half-moon ones might not be better....you look down through the half lens but when you look up all you have is air between your eyes and that lovely view out through the windscreen.
  6. Thanks. I'm not into breaking the rules so will stick to Jabs with only numbers on them ;-) I do intend to get the RPL so thanks for the tips.
  7. I have an RA-AUS pilot certificate and mostly fly a Jabiru J230. Would I be allowed to fly a VH registered 230 provided I stayed within the RA-AUS rules e.g. no flight into CTA etc? ...or can I only fly an RA-AUS registered aircraft? Part of me cringes as I write this as I may be exposing a high level of ignorance of the rules but here goes..... Thanks
  8. Back to Ramjet's original post (which was great BTW), you say your experience was RAAus PC to PPL. How different (easier?) is the first step to RPL? Given you still have to do the study and learn the rules and master the difference in the aircraft (assuming you train in a Cessna or similar rather than something like a VH registered Jab), I'm wondering whether getting the RPL is really any easier.... Also - if I understand another post correctly, it is possible to get the RPL license purely based on desk work and passing exams and medicals etc and then do the "check ride" later. Really? Cheers Barry
  9. I am hoping to get started with my cross-country certification soon and am planning on subscribing to OzRunways. I'm wondering whether I should buy the iPad mini (7.9 inch display) or the large Air (9.7 inch). What are people's opinions? I am leaning to the mini for space reasons but could be convinced to go larger if their are reasons that are not obvious to me. Thanks
  10. barryco

    Dubbo to Caloundra

    OK - as a new boy....what's "tiger country" mean?
  11. Getting prepared to step off the ledge and FINALLY learn to fly after thinking about it for many years. If not now, when?
    1. recflyer


      Now sounds great! Best of luck.
  12. barryco

    No More Talking

    I'm on the wrong side of 50 and am finally putting an end to thinking and talking about learning to fly and am going to go and do it and to hell with cost and time. For a passion I have had since I was a boy I have been very patient and I can't wait. I am looking forward to using this site to connect with people and learn. Cheers Barry