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  1. You're correct Alf, this is part of the reason I let my L2 & therefore RA Aus membership lapse now leaving kindergarten permanently. For the stirrers - good luck.
  2. Poteroo's post #22 is also the voice of experience & considered observation IMO, & no I don't who he is.
  3. Bull, as you say, my post was in reply to scotthendry's line but somehow insulting to you - you guys in a relationship or something
  4. Oscar you are guilty of misconstruing what I said. It's the context YOU changed - I did not say gravity ONLY causes the wheel to touchdown. If you had read it more clearly I said " holding the nosewheel off so that gravity ONLY causes the nosewheel to touchdown" . As for the "I wouldn't have a bubble-canopy low wing aircraft" THAT was scotthendry's comment post #35, NOT MINE. IF the RV6 is as bad as you suggest then there would have been a lot more of those type of accidents, not just the group of then some time ago as opposed to very few now.
  5. Hey Bull, recheck your reply to me - surely you meant your reply was to the OP's #35 post ? 'Cause what you quoted doesn't make sense. Like you I learnt on PA 28's etc. Can you pm me please?
  6. Main Wheels are just that, land on mains first. Nose Wheel = for preventing prop from hitting the ground & a turning device when taxiing. In normal landing circumstances, using the technique of holding the nosewheel off so that gravity ONLY causes the nosewheel to touchdown, then there is NOT enough inertia to flip an aircraft on its back - end of story. A heck of a lot of people try TOO hard to get an aircraft onto the runway before its properly configured to land & then also complicate the event by trying too hard to stop as short as possible or turn off at the first exit po
  7. Sounds like Canberra is a "maintained" monopoly by politicians, I wonder how that happens :cops:certainly a much more profitable way of doing business IMO.
  8. Just one of many ways to have an engine stop:cheezy grin:
  9. I guess some are just slow, Nev:rofl:
  10. FWIW, Those borrowing a known "good" radio should be aware that there could be a wiring, or other, issue in their aircraft causing a fault. If that is the case you may damage the 'borrowed' radio, IMO it's better to try the suspect radio in another aircraft first otherwise you may have to pay for 2 X repairs.
  11. Thanks PHIL, I spoke with Biggles today & maybe he'll chime in later when he gets a good outcome.
  12. FWIW - Facthunters post #128 is spot on - it's about perception, not picking on Keith here.
  13. Unless it's been proven to work with OzRwys or Avplan then save your money. Geez, why do some people promote these products here - maybe big noting themselves ?
  14. if you lose a finger its so much - if you lose a leg .................. you get more. A life, more again Are you sure ? I figure I'd get nothing
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