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  1. There was one in Victoria a few years ago and resulted in an AD for the stainless steel strut to spar plates. Andrew Richards and a student from memory. Laurie
  2. I used Stewart Systems water born 2 pack paint on my Jabiru. Watched all the videos and read all the Stewart Systems instructions. I made a temporary spray booth in my shed with filtered air extraction system and a heater to maintain the required temperature. I found one compressor insufficient for the HVLP gun and ended up running two in tandem. I liked the idea of using distilled water as a thinner rather than poisonous thinners. I'm definitely an amateur when it comes to painting but the results were pretty good. Laurie
  3. Poor Stewart has stacked his pride and joy and forum people want to carry on about the island’s name!! Strewth…..
  4. Something has ripped the nose wheel assembly clean off. That would make the trike stop suddenly and pitch over slamming the nose of the wing into the ground. Possibly a hole in the strip. I hope Stewart is going okay. His videos are enjoyed by many. Laurie
  5. Pilot loses control and crashes over airstrip | Bundaberg Today
  6. I believe it was Stewart aka Crayonbox. Poor Sparkles is a mess.
  7. I have a 65 litre tank in the same position. A strip of led's stuck to the back of the tank would illuminate the contents making it easy to see the level from the front. I haven't done it yet but a torch behind the tank works really well. Laurie
  8. Boroscope check of cylinders of my Jabiru 2200 engine for the UL450 project. This engine has been in storage (inhibited) since 2000. The barrels are steel (4130 I believe) and this is how they look - shiny with the hone marks clearly visible. Brown stuff on the bottom surface and on the piston is the rust inhibitor oil.
  9. My Jabiru has a Navman fuel flow gauge which shows a higher flow rate for about 10 seconds if I turn on the facet pump. I think the facet puts pulses through the fuel which tricks the flow gauge to indicate a higher rate.
  10. I'm pretty sure the PA28 spars are routinely checked each annual due to their potential for corrosion with water sitting down there.
  11. Perhaps he was in control and aiming to land in that clear country but didn’t quite make it. The plane is relatively intact. If it were out of control it could have been in a million pieces. I’m calling well done.
  12. E-props are very popular with Paramotoring folk. Lightweight props, excellent efficiency.
  13. Perhaps they should have employed one of our locals when designing the injection version - he has fuel electronic fuel injection which can be switched back to carburettor in an instant. It works and I've experienced it in flight (Sonex/Great Plains VW).
  14. Don't 912's have an ignition system independent of the alternator/battery? Some form of magneto which is self exciting...
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