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  1. Thanks FH. I adjusted the throttle, applied carb heat, fuel pump on, confirmed mixture rich and after a minute or so the EGT returned to its normal level. Laurie
  2. I built (ish) a Jabiru UL 450 and now have 260 hours on both airframe and 2200 Jabiru engine. CHT and EGT are only monitored (at this stage) on two cylinders - no 3 for EGT and no 4 for CHT. Today I was out jollying around for about an hour. Cruising steadily at 2800 rpm, around 13 litres per hour and EGT on 700 deg C. Suddenly I notice the EGT quickly rising to about 740. There was no change in RPM, fuel flow was steady, CHT steady (around 105 indicated), oil temp 90 and pressure steady. This has happened before, months ago and I have check the induction manifold
  3. Maybe just treat Jabiru landings like a tail dragger three point, ie, minimum air speed on landing and keep the stick all the way back during the roll out. The nose wheel will settle when it's ready. In the mean time use your feet to keep it straight. That's how I do it. Laurie
  4. Your fabric must be in excellent condition to handle 1380 grams @ .9mm then 🙂 I wouldn't have thought Thruster fabric would be as heavy as the top surface of a trick wing. Regards, Laurie
  5. Is the diameter of the Betsometer needle .9mm?
  6. That control unit was replaced with a new one at the service. Your tip re methylated spirits could help with my paragliding instruments because they have gone sticky too. Laurie
  7. I have had Lightspeed Zulu 1 for a long time. The control unit went all sticky and the noise cancelling was playing up. I sent them to the Lightspeed repairer here in Australia and they came back like new. $300 well spent. Aside from that I fell victim to a mongrel from NT who advertised a late model Bose set that appeared in perfect condition but as it turns out has a dickie mic plug (the end pin feels loose) and they don't seem to work. The noise cancellng is fine but no audio send from the mic. Can anyone advise an authorized BOSE headset repairer in Australia?
  8. There was one in Victoria a few years ago and resulted in an AD for the stainless steel strut to spar plates. Andrew Richards and a student from memory. Laurie
  9. I used Stewart Systems water born 2 pack paint on my Jabiru. Watched all the videos and read all the Stewart Systems instructions. I made a temporary spray booth in my shed with filtered air extraction system and a heater to maintain the required temperature. I found one compressor insufficient for the HVLP gun and ended up running two in tandem. I liked the idea of using distilled water as a thinner rather than poisonous thinners. I'm definitely an amateur when it comes to painting but the results were pretty good. Laurie
  10. Poor Stewart has stacked his pride and joy and forum people want to carry on about the island’s name!! Strewth…..
  11. Something has ripped the nose wheel assembly clean off. That would make the trike stop suddenly and pitch over slamming the nose of the wing into the ground. Possibly a hole in the strip. I hope Stewart is going okay. His videos are enjoyed by many. Laurie
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