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  1. The J230-D POH lists the full flap stall as 42 kCAS at 600kg, I’d have thought it would be more than 45 at 759kg???
  2. Sonex guys use exhaust headers and no muffler for Jab engines. As well as Rotec TBI instead of Bing for mixture control and better mixture spread due to better atomisation.
  3. Did you read it ?? “Maintenance for LSA (factory built and certified) aircraft” Doesn’t sound like an amateur built RV6 to me
  4. Is L1 L2 L3 L4 on the way out as well? https://www.casa.gov.au/sites/default/files/maintenance-amateur-built-light-sport-aircraft.pdf CASA is proposing to adopt the FAA Repairman Certificate model (to be described in Part 43 as an aircraft maintenance technician certificate (AMTC)) to provide for specific maintenance tasks to be carried out by qualified persons who do not hold a Part 66 licence. These authorisations for maintenance were previously (and are currently) available via various legal instruments made under regulation 33B or 42ZC(6) of Civil Aviation Regu
  5. Is there a reason we don’t simply use a $300 wideband oxygen sensor in the exhaust and EFR gauge to see the actual mixture in all stages of flight, at all speed and throttle settings, hot and cold day, hot and cold motor etc? I know that unequal mixture distribution won’t show up.
  6. The Titan S-21 fits the proposed 760kg MTOW fine, 450kg empty weight leaves 310kg
  7. I was told that there is a catch that prevents trike hire in Australia once you are licenced. The pilot is responsible for the airworthiness of the trike, but as its not yours you couldn’t possibly verify its condition. Don’t know if there is anything to that story or if there is another reason?
  8. Is there an Australian Mike Busch? A good communicator who knows the difference between an annual and a condition inspection? Maintenance and modifications allowed on certified vs experimental vs slsa vs elsa etc. It seems odd that an experimental where you can change to a different carb/exhaust/turbo/big bore or cast your own pistons would think that they might be bound to an hour or calendar limit. Similarly how do you hope to operate “on condition” in an slsa that can’t change even tire size, prop brand or a single instrument without written factory approval? Its a shame tha
  9. All his videos are great but best listened to at x1.25 speed. Its nice to hear from someone who knows what they are talking about, thinks before they speak and chooses his words carefully but its not the most fluid style.
  10. And CASA and RAAus don’t have the capacity to deal with anything else in the meantime. This was apparently the top member priority so its ok to put any other progress on hold indefinitely too.
  11. Very good , what model Jab will you be using?
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