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  1. The moulds must be somewhere? Have you done any research, got any leads?
  2. I’d be interested in them but as a newby to thruster aircraft perhaps there may be someone more worthy?
  3. A couple of before/during/after photos.
  4. www.backpackairsports.com.au can custom make whatever you want in that type of thing. Give Adrian a call, you may need to send him your headset.
  5. No that looks to be different footage to what I saw. Similar result with starboard wing off first then port wing off followed by crash. The camera angle was looking down towards where the accident happened. Possibly taken from a nearby ridge.
  6. Did anyone see the footage on ch7 shortly after the accident showing the starboard wing breaking off? I haven’t been able to find it online but the terrain looks similar to the video posted here. Wondering whether it was old footage or not?
  7. Hi Old K, If you put a change-over relay in the line it will get the light to work the way you want it. It will require a couple of wires but I'll do my best to 'farmer-splain' it. I'm not an auto-elec so be warned... Refer to below diagram For Positive feed 30- +pos taken after master switch 85-86 cut the +pos or -neg to oil switch and insert relay in this line. I'm pretty sure power only flows one way through this circuit so 85 should be closest to battery +pos 87- not used (cover with something non-conductive as this will be +pos during normal operation, or use a green L
  8. My long awaited Thruster re-build has started...
  9. Yep, I learned to fly in it. First Thruster I soloed in! It has moved from that location closer to where you are based, but you probably know that?
  10. propfarmer


    Bounce!! please refer to post #7 Does anyone know of a thruster t500 near Lismore? Thanks
  11. propfarmer


    Update: I am able to source skins through Spectrum Aviation. Emma was the one helping Wayne with the sail making and I believe is in the process of setting up her own business, so Good News!!! However Emma and I have different measurements for the length of the aileron for a T500. Her template is for an aileron measuring 4408mm long measured outside of tubes. I have measured mine and two other t500's and found ours to be 4510mm+/-2mm. Firstly, does anyone know what thruster the 4408mm aileron belongs too? Second, Are there any T500's close by to Lismore that Emma can get a look
  12. propfarmer


    There was someone working with him however I was told today that she was a uni student and only part time? The answer I received today was that they were reviewing that part of the business (re the legality of someone else within the business doing the sailmaking) and were unsure whether it would continue.
  13. propfarmer


    Hi all I am looking to source a new set of wing and aileron skins for a T500. I had an order placed with Spectrum Aviation however it looks as though they weren't made before the recent passing of Wayne. As Wayne was the main person doing the fabrication it appears that they may not be able to complete the skins I have ordered. Does anyone know of other skin/sail makers doing this type of work? thanks in advance PF
  14. Thanks Steve and Pud, I assumed that it was only the outer ones that had to comply but just wanted an opinion other than my own. They all appear in good order and the aircraft hasn't been flown since the work was done. This aircraft has had all the tubing replaced (it was the thruster that the wing lift strut corrosion issue was discovered on) and I thought it would be strange if it hadn't been done correctly. The guy who did the work was a bit of a guru from what I am told, or at least he has rebuilt a couple of thrusters... David
  15. Hi Everyone, I have recently purchased a T500 that was a 99% complete rebuild project. I am in the process of replacing the wing skins as the aircraft has been sitting in an open front hangar and the leading edge is stuffed. With the skins off I have checked that the strut attach brackets comply with the AN 27-10-2004. They all seem ok but there is a second set of these brackets inboard of the strut brackets which I think attach to cables? It appears that these are the old style seam welded variety. Do these need to be updated as well or are the ok provided they are not damaged?
  16. propfarmer


    I'd look at the Narromine shire website for accomodation before you fly somewhere else, there are a few options. Narromine have taxis ($10 - $15 from the airstrip to anywhere in town) and if you flew to Dubbo for instance you would be looking at more $$$. The Peppercorn Motel (10 min walk) appears fully booked that weekend and I would imagine that the rooms at the caravan park (next door) would be gone also. Good Luck!!
  17. Hi Jex, I am a Type 1 diabetic and am going to the doc tomorrow to get my medical done for my heavy vehicle drivers license. I am only a couple of hours off getting my RAA pilot cert and have wondered about one day getting my PPL. How difficult is it to pass the CASA medical? Also in reading the CASA guidelines for diabetics I think it says that once you have completed a certain number of flights with a safety pilot you are able to fly 'solo' providing things are okay? Is this correct? I live in a relatively isolated area so having to organise another pilot to come with me every time I want
  18. I am a learner and I had trouble with judging height as well. I told my instructor and he suggested a couple of circuits without touching down. Just flying from the point of flare to the point of take off and staying as low and level as I could made a world of difference. It helped me get my mind around where i needed to be. It gave me time to have a look around and get comfortable with the height without the added pressure of everything else you need to manage before touchdown. Then..... many weeks later and after many circuits it just 'sort of' clicked and now I don't see it as "that fright
  19. Maj, I watched you land a nice 3 pointer at Narromine enroute to Natfly, conditions weren't smooth and the first thought i had was NICE LANDING, then Nice Plane!! Belated I know but impressed none the less... enjoying your input on this thread!
  20. I learnt in a Jab, have just started flying a thruster, whilst I know my experience is limited, here is my two bob. My mate who is teaching me to land the thruster (he has a couple of thousand hours experience) said when he first bought his thruster he used to wheel on, then he ground looped and has never done a wheeler again!! He also said to basically try to stall the plane less then a foot of the ground, if you can achieve this it will not bounce as there isn't enough speed to get lift, the faster you are going the bigger the bounce. You pay good money to fly so keep flying for as lon
  21. propfarmer

    T300 cruise rpm

    Hi John, the TST E that I am doing a bit of flying in cruises at 5400rpm 55kts, two up. I think it has a B type box? Not sure though. It acheives 6500rpm on climb.
  22. Hi Pud, have been watching this thread with interest and after seeing the above photos and reading that the alignment of one blade is different to the others, have had a thought... Is it possible that the 12 deg blocks can be put on incorrectly and are oriented the wrong way giving a false pitch? eg. the block designed to be infront of the blade is infact behind it and vice versa. Could this be the reason for one blade being out of alignment? One is correct and two are wrong or two correct, one wrong? ps. have no experience with maintenance on this type of engine or prop so what i
  23. Hi all, just wondering why 2 stroke engines don't have/need Carby Heat. Went for a fly the other day in a Thruster with a 582 and having only done training in a Jab noticed the carby heat knob was not there. My instructor couldn't answer the question for me so i figure that someone here will know. I have a few ideas but will wait for someone with more knowledge to put me on the right track Thanks for your help. David
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